Dr Kate James says:

"I keep my costs low to make the programme avilable to as many as possible. I want people to have access to treatment they need when they need it


I believe in it and have seen it work on so many levels time after time. The results can literally be life changing "

"If just one person has been successful in healing at a physical - cellular level, then it means that every human body is capable of cellular healing"

Brandon Bayes author of The Journey



Contact Dr Kate James


"I have worked in Integrative medicine for almost 10 years now and find that for many individuals the collaboration between allopathic medicine and natural support is a significant turning point for them, often on more than one level. " Dr. Kate James

For an initial enquiry please email Dr James or call 07891 830 137.

If you get my answer phone please do leave me a message with your name and number and I will return your call as soon as I am able.

I am 18 miles from Alnmouth the nearest train station and 50 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne. I am able to give you directions and recommend a welcoming overnight place to stay to suit your budget.

How much will it cost?

I fully appreciate that along with cancer can come financial hardship

The important bit is you being able to get started with your programme as soon as possible therefore I am happy to try to meet your individual financial needs and circumstances. It is possible to attend for a one or two day intensive appointment and make payment in several instalments.

If you are newly diagnosed I really feel that it is beneficial to get going with the programme I offer before or at the very beginning of your conventional treatment. This allows your body to be supported right from the start giving it absolutely everything it needs to get off on the right footing and to get well quicker.

Regimes can cost anything from £15- 20 per week. For those with more advanced conditions/ those not responding to conventional treatment/ those who want to use an entirely natural approach without any conventional treatment costs would tend to be higher .

I will always try to work within your given budget and help you to understand those aspects of your personal regime which would be expected to be the most effective.

“ The field, ( eg environment) is the sole governing agent of the particle ( eg the cell/our tissues).”
Albert Einstein

Integrative Medical Appointments by telephone , Skype or in person :
An initial in-depth consultation to formulate a full Individualised Integrative Medical Regime is charged at £185. (This process takes approximately 2 hours and can be done via telephone , Skype or in person. )

Integrative Medical follow up is charged at £110 per hour or £60 per half hour

EFT and psychotherapy is charged at £90 per hour

Email appointments are charged at £90 per hour or part there of.

One/ two day Intensive Appointments

For those patients needing more intensive support I offer a one day appointment. We usually begin around 10.15 am and finish around 4.30 / 5 pm , although timing can be a little more flexible if needs be to fit around travel. This gives patients the opportunity to have a complete assessment on a one to one basis with me covering all aspects of their Integrative Medical Care. I am also happy to discuss aspects of your conventional medical care. ( I often call this a complete sort out day ! )

Typically we take an in-depth look at supplements and diet on an individualised constitutional basis and / or use psychotherapy/ energy therapy techniques to give a very deep level of emotional support which is so important . These techniques include EFT , hypnosis, and techniques a kin to journeying. We may also address breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques , Qi Gong and yoga. All meals and snacks are included and prepared by myself.

A one day appointment is charged at £800- £1000. It is also possible to attend for 2 day appointments or half day appointments by private arrangement. It can be possible to pay for one/ two day intensive appointments over several instalments to suit your individual circumstances.

I am happy to support patients who choose to seek charity funding to contribute to or cover appointment and supplement costs.

I do hope to hear from you soon
With Love and Light

Kate James

For an initial enquiry please email me or call 07891 830 137.

I'd also like to take an opportunity to thank all of my patients and their families for their Kind Words, and my husband and four wonderful children Edward, Grace , Theo, Lucas and Tobias and the rest of my family and friends for their love and unwavering support and belief in my work.

'Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Grace's oncologist Dr Simon Bailey and John Corrigan MSc Acupuncture for how they have helped Grace and our family.

On a final note putting this site together would not have been possible without the help and expertise of Gwyneth Moss EFT Master, Mrs. Cath Riley, and Dr Paula and Dr Les Ainsley.

I'd also like to thank Dr Chris Biggin, Dr Nancy Redfern, and Dr Mary Comiskey for their inspiration and invaluable support over the last few years. I'd also like to thank Kate and Chris Wood of Raw Living, Elaine Bruce of The UK Centre for Living Foods, Jill Swyers of Living Foods for Health, Marcus Webb of The Jan De Vries Clinic in Aryshire, all the staff at the Nutricentre Kingston Park Newcastle , and Jill and Nitya Managing Directors of Herbs Hands, Healing Ltd for their help, expertise, kindness and generosity. Lastly Sarah- Jayne Campbell, Linda Wood, Liz Weir, Lisbeth, David and Mike Robinson at Le Couret for their truely inspirational healing work.

" The natural task of a cancer therapy is to bring the body back to that normal physiology , or as near to it as is possible. The next task is to keep the physiology of the metabolism in that natural equilibrium."
Dr. Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy.


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