"You are a truly inspirational loving gentle soul. It was such fun being with you."

about Kate written by Mary Llewellyn who's moving through and beyond breast cancer  Read More

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing for my brother. He is so much more positive since seeing you.

You have done wonders for him and I am so happy for your wonderful heart.

My mum has told me that she has seen a fantastic improvement in my brother and his mental state since he has been seeing you.

I know he is far from being alone now and afraid.

You are a very special lady and your help has meant so much to our family."

written by  John Dodgson.

"...What does my tumour have to teach me? Can I find out what passed unresolved emotional memories and patterns are residing in the cells, learn whatever lessons are there, and finally resolve and release them"

Brandon Bays, quoted from The Journey

"With deep intuition, natural empathy and heartfelt commitment to those who come to her for help, Kate has taken EFT and everything she has ever learned on her own journey and then combined them with common sense and her medical training - a true and powerful mix"

Gwyneth Moss

EFT Master

"Diet is a crucial element for everyone who wants to beat cancer"

Chris Woollams MA author of 'The Rainbow Diet'

Kind Words From My Patients

And Their Families and Colleagues

"Thank you all so much for opening your hearts and for sharing your experiences. I absolutely love my work and feel humbled and privileged to have worked with you and all my many other patients.Thank you so much for being my teachers." 

With Love to You All and to Your Families Dr Kate James

"What you do is making not only a difference to people’s lives it is also helping humanity come back to its soul."

Roy Martin, Director Really Lovely people Ltd, where integrity businesses and people grow and flourish.

October 2018

Kate and I have been working together since spring of 2013, when I sought her guidance to help support my diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer. Kate is very special. In addition to her amazing knowledge which she has acquired through extensive research in her field, allowing her to create me an individualised programme, Kate is so much more than a Dr. Her spirit and energy come from the heart. I feel she has kept me alive through nurturing my health and wellbeing. Kate taught me how to face the fears and reach into my own spirit and find the desire to live. With her help, immunomodulating supplements, recipes and knowledge I feel I can continue to do so. Kate is unique and utterly brilliant.

Jude, Yorkshire

I was initially diagnosed with a primary breast cancer on October 2015. After finishing up treatment I was shocked and devastated to learn that my cancer had spread and in April 2017 I was told my condition was incurable. I started working with Kate in May 2017 where we use her approach to side line my conventional treatment which is chemotherapy. I am now on round 22 of a 3 weekly cycle of chemotherapy and I’m feeling great and am stable. I have fantastic energy with very little side effects. I look forward to my skype chats with Kate who always makes me feel very positive and opens my mind to my own spiritual inner healing. Kate is very knowledgeable and I feel that her guidance has, and will always be invaluable.

Laura, Glasgow

I’m happy I found Dr Kate James when I was researching about complementary treatments when I was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I was convinced that I wanted a holistic approach along my traditional treatment and what I liked about Dr Kate Jame’s is that she is happy to work alongside the NHS recommended treatment.

I started as a patient with Dr James just before my chemo and I’m convinced that immunomodulats / integrative medicine approach recommended has helped enormously, not only to face chemotherapy but to support my outcome . I had very little side effects during chemo and my tumour has totally disappeared even before finalising chemo. I’m convinced this is due to the holistic approach I chose, supported mainly by NHS and Dr Kate’s approach. I also found it very important that Dr Kate is always accesible for any questions I have during the process. Counting on her and her responsive support has also been very important to me.

Kathrine, London

In January 2017, after several years of conventional treatment, I was very happy to begin a regime, formulated by Kate, for my condition. Kate has been very thorough and methodical in her approach. She has empowered me by providing me with all the information that I required in order to make an informed decision. She empowered me further by providing me with relevant signposting information as well as other natural things that I could do to support my regime. The level of empathy and sympathy that she showed towards my circumstances was absolutely remarkable. She was also able to manage my expectations clearly about integrated medicine and provide me with choices as to what pathways could be followed.

In my opinion, I have been led by a practitioner who is an expert in her area and who is also very human in that she is always willing to understand the circumstances that I face as well as tailoring my regime to that. I have always had confidence in knowing where I stood in relation to my regime and never felt alone throughout the journey. I believe that the integrated approach is absolutely integral to saving lives, providing diversity in choices and providing alternative opportunities to complex problems with minimal side effects. Over the last 18 months both my cancer and hyperplasia have reversed. I sincerely wish that everyone is able to avail this opportunity or was empowered enough to know about it and reap the benefits of it.

Abby, London

I was introduced to Dr Kate James through the recommendation of a friend and have been seeing her for some months for support for various long term conditions in which I had seen various health practitioners over the years for with no improvement. So far I have noticed an improvement in some of my symptoms, such as frequent flare ups usual to my condition, also, the constant chest pain and brain fog has improved. My experience of Dr Kate has been amazing; she is compassionate, professional and ever so thorough in her approach. She always goes out of her way to provide me with extra nutrition and lifestyle information, and works using a holistic approach which is informative and encouraging. I would highly recommend Dr Kate to anyone and am touched by her sincerity and treatment delivery

Joyce. London

I have been working with Kate for just over a year. I was fortunate to be introduced to her work by a friend shortly after I had been diagnosed with a rare type of ovarian cancer. Kate supported me through my choice to undergo further surgery for my condition and has worked with me to compile a protocol to support my recovery. I was grateful to find someone who offered an integrative approach and Kate's medical background gives me confidence to keep working with the alternative and complementary choices I have made about my health.

I have been advised to take a watch and wait approach by my surgical oncologist as treatment like Chemotherapy has not been shown to work with this type of cancer. I feel that using immunomodulants along with a comprehensive diet and lifestyle chance gives me a feeling of proactive control over the health of my body and I have seen both scientific and anecdotal evidence which support the usefulness this approach may have in helping to heal the body. I honestly feel better on a physical and emotional basis than I have in years after 12 months of committing to my protocol and new lifestyle. I find that Kate's medical approach and genuine heartfelt care has significantly contributed to this. I especially appreciate her understanding that the mind/consciousness can play a significant role in the recovery and quality of life of the individual.

I have worked hard to recover my health in a holistic manner and I am really happy to work with Kate as I feel that she really compliments the care I receive from my GP/Macmillan nurse. Kate offers an approach and information that should be made integral to the health care support provided by the NHS especially in oncolog

Alison, Lancashire

March 2018

In January 2017 Tony had surgery for colon cancer. The operation was successful but unfortunately the cancer had spread to the liver. After much research we found an interventional radiologist who performed Nanoknife Ablation on the two liver metastases. Tony was reluctant at this point to agree to chemotherapy as he wanted to maintain a good quality of life. So, we kept seeking for another way and found the wonderful Dr Kate James. Tony has worked with Dr Kate since May 2017. She has prescribed a variety of supplements, given advice on diet, recommended the inspirational book’ You Are the Placebo’ and introduced us to Sheng Zhen Healing Qi Gong. We trust her implicitly and carefully follow all her suggestions.

During the past year Tony has had several Microwave Ablations on new liver metastases but he has not had any Chemo. Our Oncologist’s view is that while Tony is feeling well and his condition is stable he is happy to defer Chemo.

Tony says ‘I am now feeling very well and back walking and dancing, much like old times’. We are so fortunate to have found Dr Kate - she truly opened the door of life for us at a time when it was difficult to find an encouraging pathway. Dr Kate is extremely knowledgeable but more importantly she has an innate understanding of what is needed in order to support not just the patient but also the partner. We truly appreciate the kindness that Dr Kate has shown to both of us and thank her for helping Tony to live well with his cancer.

Tony, Sussex

Kate is definitely the person you want on your side. She is warm, kind and understanding to your individual needs. Explained things so clearly and offered up suggestions which turned out to help immensely. I remember a time when I had been unwell and had not been keeping up with my regime. After getting back on it , overnight I noticed a vast difference in my energy levels and general well-being about myself. I firmly believe my immunomodulants are keeping me so well! I don’t have enough praise for Kate and the good work she is doing in helping people. Please please keep it up and Thankyou.

Jo , West Yorkshire

September 2017

Dr Kate James has been an invaluable support on my breast cancer journey. I particularly appreciate the holistic approach taken. Dr Kate is very professional, knowledgeable and really takes the time to get to know you. I personally felt that combining NHS treatment with an integrative approach allowed me more control over my health and increased my odds of a full recovery. As well as physically feeling great, I also feel much more empowered than had I simply followed a purely conventional route.

Rachelle, Sussex

I have found the support, advice and supplements from Doctor Kate very beneficial to my recovery from stage 3 breast cancer. I have particularly welcomed the fusion of her intuitive senses, along side her trusted medical expertise. With the first hand experiences she draws from, this has always left me feeling confident and reassured by her recommendations. I am convinced that this support and the supplements I've taken over the past 6 months have supported my own very positive outcome.

Kathryn , Scotland

In July 2016 I was diagnosed with mixed cell bladder cancer and started the cycle of NHS treatment. It was important to me that I should be more than a patient to whom things were being done. I wanted to help myself, be an active participant in counteracting the disease. Taking advice from specialist support web sites I changed my exercise patterns and my diet. I also contacted Dr Kate James whose integrative programme, based on supplements and certain foods, builds the immune system to help support my condition and the side effects of some treatments. In a supportive and collaborative way she gives guidance and supplements, addressing both physical and mental well-being. Having a life-threatening illness is very stressful. Her integrative medical approach supports the treatment offered in hospital so that one feels that one is doing as much as possible to become and stay healthy as possible.

Hilary, South of England

Having been diagnosed with locally advanced and high risk cancer, I have relied on Kate to advise me how Eastern medicine can integrate with Western, and to take a holistic approach to my health and wellbeing. Kate has supported me throughout a year of treatment with specialist expertise, a personalised approach and welcome kindness. I am confident that in her care I will achieve the best of outcomes.


May 2017

I approached Kate when I received the news that my prognosis was terminal. My wife and I knew and believed their had to be another way to approach my illness. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and liver mets in January 2016. Despite a massive piece of surgery to resolve my bowel and chemotherapy for the liver disease, my liver wasn't operable.

We googled help and we found Kate. We were inspired by Kate's kind words section on her website and we made immediate contact. Kate replied within just 24 hours. We had an engaging Skype conversation and within a few hours we felt like we were back in control. Kate was acutely aware of my disease. She had a plan and I wasn't going to deviate. I religiously followed her complimentary regime, alongside my chemotherapy, and breezed through a second round of chemotherapy with the intent of shrinking just one met on my liver so ablation could be performed. I went for my scan and had remarkable results. 3 of 5 mets had disappeared. The problem met of which I required to shrink had shrunk by 75%. Because of my results I was now able to have ablation treatment for the remaining liver mets.

Without Kate, determination, positivity, my wife, family and friends it just wouldn't have been possible. Kate was and is that key link. It's not just the immunomodulants and supplements either. Kate has the insight, knowledge and contacts to pull you from feeling hope is lost to knowing and believing that cancer may be beatable.

Russell, Glasgow

My daughter Sophie was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 2A in May 2016. It was a great shock and found it very hard to deal with. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in September 2010 so not only has my daughter seen me go through cancer she has now had to go through it herself. Whilst I was on treatment I had a lot of alternative therapies such as Accupuncture, Reflexology and Homeopathy which helped me considerably.

I contacted Dr Kate James and explained my situation and have not looked back since. Dr Kate James gave me lots of advice on foods and immunomodulation whilst my daughter was on her chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and then once she finished the treatment she continued a different regime, my daughter has gone from strength to strength and her recovery has been amazing. Her bloods are so good and she has got her energy back and starting to live her life again.

>Also Dr Kate James gave me a regime to help me with the side effects of tamoxifen which I took for five years and had come off it in March 2016 and suffered with some side effects from the drug, since I have been following this I have felt so much better and had a lot more energy. I can honestly say that I would recommend Dr Kate James to anyone who has been diagnosed with Cancer or has suffered with it in the past, it has changed my daughter's life and my life to get it back on track again I just can't thank Dr Kate James for all her help and support.

Julia, Dorset

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in August 2016, the cancer had spread to my bones and liver. Although aware that my cancer could return I was both shocked and frightening to receive this news along with a poor prognosis after 13yrs following my primary diagnosis. A traumatic experience with my initial treatment and the resulting side effects made me determined to find a practitioner who would support me with my main steam medical treatment.

Researching an integrative approach to care led me to Kate's web site . Kate's words resonated with me and my strong desire for an holistic approach to my care. I wanted an approach that was collaborative one that supported and empowered me to make the best choices with my medical care and that that person fully understood the mainstream medical model.

Kate has offered me a safe space to explore my options she has helped me to learn to live with my cancer , this mindset having changed from one of 'I'm dying from cancer' . Kate has offered me an approach that integrates my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, complementing and supporting thorough her knowledge, skill , kindness and respect with my mainstream treatment.

Sarah, Yorkshire

I have found Kate’s approach to be invaluable as she uses a strong level of intuition and combined with some strong scientific backing in what she prescribes. The supplements I have been taking regularly have not only resulted in physical ailments improving but also have had an impact on my emotional health. I would not hestitate to recommend Kate to others as she has a wealth of information and knowledge at her finger tips and uses a heart centred approach.


Kate is very kind and empathetic with a solid understanding of people and their health.
She has helped me understand the triggers for my own illness and how to modify them accordingly.
She also has helped by recommending other holistic approaches which have increased my healing.
I would definitely recommend contacting her for any kind of health struggles you may be dealing with.

Helen, North of England

I have been a patient of Dr. Kate James for 15 months now and have found her holistic approach very helpful to me alongside my treatment for secondary breast cancer. Whilst I am receiving very good treatment from my local hospital I felt that something was missing and I needed to be treated as a whole being and not just the part of my body that had cancer. I beleive that many factors influence the healing process and so explored what else was available to me to work alongside the conventional treatment i was being given. As a patient I strongly feel that I must be involved in my own treatment plan but find the NHS to be very restrictive into what they can offer so looked for other options.

D. Kate is supporting my immune system to strengthen it and is also understanding of other factors going on in my life and tailors my regime in response to what else is going on. There is also a big element of mental support which the hospital environment is unable to provide as they are so time pushed. I have now had chemotherapy in one form or another for the past 15 months and believe that Dr. Kate's approach has helped my body cope with this and stay healthier than it would have if I had not been on her treatment plan.

Diane, Edinburgh

October 2016

Without Kate I don't know where I would be. Finding out I had cervical cancer was terrifying. Kate has helped massively with my emotional well being and I feel more positive than I ever have done.

The supplements have changed my life. I feel much healthier, calmer and happier. Since taking them I haven't even suffered with a cold. I look forward to our chats and feel that Kate takes the time to discuss any concerns and ensure I have the best course of immunomodulants to meet my individual needs.

Kate has changed my life for the better.

Marie, Newcastle

I was diagnosed with Gleason 6 Prostrate Cancer in 2015 with an MRI and a biopsy and was offered a number of options including ultrasound and Active surveillance. I decided to go for active surveillance for a year in conjunction with immunomodulants prescribed by Dr James. A year later the MRI showed “no visible trace of cancer”. Since PSA tests on me do not correlate with the MRI and biopsy, UCH will give me an annual MRI for the next two years, and I will continue with the immunomodulant treatment.


Dr James is more like a partner in my care. I have found skype sessions surprisingly convenient. I am very happy with the support she has given. I have found it useful to read abstracts of scientific research on immune immunomodulants, and also found her helpful in countering the narrow point of view of my Oncology consultants.

Julian, London

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in Oct 15 and told I needed a mastectomy within 2 weeks. It was an extremely frightening and shocking time for me and I wanted to see how I could support myself naturally. Kate gave me all the information I needed to make informed decisions on what was best for me and supplied me with my own regime of supplements and provided me with the evidence base for these in the context of supporting my condition. I have felt secure in making decisions on my health with Kate's help.

When you are diagnosed it can be overwhelming to wade your way through all the information, diets, herbs and supplements that are said to help recovery. Also, some may not be suitable for you personally due to various reasons; with Kate's background, knowledge and experience she can guide you to what is most appropriate to support you. Thank you so much Kate for all the help, emotional support and guidance you have given me. I am forever great-full.

Debra Southport

In October 2013, I was diagnosed with a kidney tumour.

The consultant breaking the news only recommended an immediate surgical extraction and a follow up to determine malignancy and whether this, if found, had spread. No other options were offered and no further discussions to determine whether I had any say in the matter.

With the help of my wife, who is a very experienced homeopath, I embarked on thorough research to understand the nature and origin of this tumour, and to look for an alternative to the surgery I had been offered. I was determined to keep my two kidneys. Our quest leads us to Dr Kate James.

From our first encounter I felt on one to one terms with Kate. I did not want surgery or a conventional medical approach and Kate respected this choice , despite advising me to pursue these . She proceeded to address my physical and emotional imbalances . From the onset of our work together it became very clear that I was fully responsible for a thorough and disciplined approach to improve my health and specifically address the tumour diagnosis.

Kate’s job would be to design a program to tackle imbalances in my diet and offer a systematic and comprehensive programme to support me metabolically and otherwise.I have had the help of my wife and my local doctor to monitor the changes in my body that these actions have produced.

Three years on we have found a reduction in the size of the tumour, my two kidneys functioning well and with my health in good state I have been able to continue working and enjoying a happy and healthy family and social life.

Thank you Kate.

Jaime, London

In early 2015, during a routine smear test, followed by a biopsy, I found out I have abnormal cervical cells, which could eventually lead to a cervical cancer. I found out about Dr. Kate by chance and I am very thankful to her for the kind support and how she guided me to win this fight and reconsider the way I live, eat and think. I see the world through different eyes now and I am grateful for the 2nd chance I have been given.

Alina, Romania

Full brain radiotherapy in 2012 left me in a confused state and unable to make meaningful decisions and unable to function in the way I did in the past. I was becoming more like an early Alzheimer’s sufferer and am determined that I will not go down that slippery slope. One wise healer directed me towards Dr Kate whom I have found to be very knowledgeable, caring and competent. I came under her wing recently, now my memory and balance have improved. I am determined to be my whole self again and wish to thank Kate with my whole heart for my progress.

Jenn, Hertfordshire

February 2016

Just wanted to say Thank You Kate for all your help and support.
Your positive approach and supplement programme have helped me tremendously - no other explanation is possible when I compare notes with other similar patients I meet at the hospital.
I started Chemo with a CA125 of 7000! ( Normal around 35 )
Sailing through Chemo symptomless - no vomiting, no headaches etc and 6 months in, CA125 is 14.3 ! !
Am a bit tired and weaker than I was - oh yes - and hairless - but got a great wig! What the heck - I’m here!

So thank you Kate for your Holistic approach. Much Love


"I approached Kate in November 2014 when I was making a decision about having adjunctive treatment following a hysterectomy I had for endometrial cancer.

I was very distressed and confused and scared. I didn't know which way to turn and I was immediately calmed down by Kate's reassuring manner.
She assured me that her approach would work well alongside conventional treatments and that helped me arrive at the decision I took to undergo brachytherapy ( internal vault radiation).

Having taken the mushrooms and other supplements prescribed to me my immune system has been hugely improved and my overall health is excellent. People comment on how well I look and I didn't suffer any of the adverse effects from the brachytherapy that I feared.

I have regular Skype consultations with Kate and she is always on hand should I have any questions or concerns.

Her warmth and caring manner along with her knowledge and intuition have been a real gift during what was a harrowing time for me. She gave me clarity , reassurance and confidence for which I am eternally grateful'

Suey , Lancashire

Working with you to support my well being since being diagnosed with breast cancer has offered a completely different dimension complimenting my overall care package. I find your approach kind and gentle, and underpinned by a rich evidence base. For me our time together is very effective, i think this is because it doesn't feel as though we have to progress through any particular protocol, we are led intuitively to our next steps, my overall well being in the context of my life is central to our work. I feel our time together adds to my energy, reinforces positivity and genuinely enables me to focus on the future. Thank you Kate you ooze compassion and connection, it works for me. X

Liz , Yorkshire

I have been a patient of Dr Kate James for some 20 months now having been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

The support I have received has been excellent. My medication has been reviewed regularly and changed if necessary with meetings taking place at Kate’s Integrative practice or by Skype when I have not been well enough to travel.

I have found her work to be professional, caring and empathetic. She has kept me grounded and dealt with my fears and anxieties and responded to my e mail crises very quickly. I believe that her treatment regime enabled me to cope with the gruelling chemotherapy sessions and I remained well, with good blood results and no infection.

I was recently advised by her to speak to a colleague at the London Oncology Clinic as my disease appeared to be progressing. I took her advice within a week. As a result I was transferred to the Professor’s colleague running a trial and was lucky enough be accepted. I have begun immunotherapy treatment.

Angela, Yorkshire

When I first knew I had cancer, ( of the oesophagus ), the thing I found most daunting was how to find my way and make my own decisions amidst all the advice and suggestions from friends and family, as to different diets, treatments, supplements. Through my daughter I found Dr. Kate James , and I felt great relief to be able to place my confidence in her knowledge and experience, and to decide to accept her guidance on diet and supplements. I started straight away with her suggestions for diet and medicinal mushrooms and plants, and by the time I had my operation I had already been following this regime for 3 months. I had chemotherapy before the operation. I coped very well with the chemo and the operation and made a recovery the speed of which surprised my surgeon. Also the pathology results, which he had not expected to be favourable as my local lymph nodes looked enlarged on scans, were very good, –none of the lymph nodes he removed had cancer, which surprised and delighted him. I do feel sure that the regime I had been following from Kate contributed to this result. I am continuing to follow her regime and guidance, and my recovery continues to be good, nine months after the operation. I am so grateful to have had her beside me through this difficult time.

Kate has always handled her consultations with me, which have been by skype, with a combination of warmth and clarity which has enabled me to feel recognised as an individual whom she respects as in charge of my own response to having cancer, whilst building trust in her professional judgement and advice.

Fran, Scotland

In June 2015 I was diagnosed as having Mesothelioma and although at first the full implication of what I was being told didn’t sink in, it certainly did with my two grown up children.

By the time I had started to come to terms with it, my two grown up children had researched my cancer and come to the conclusion that there was an awful lot to be gained from juicing raw vegetables. Besides all the usual raw vegetables that I juice such as spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, carrot, my Son in law Chris grows wheatgrass that is a rich source of chlorophyll that may also support cancer patients.

More research, by my daughter in law highlighted to me Integrative Medicine but I must admit that at first I was somewhat sceptical. However eight months down the line, six chemo sessions behind me and the positive result from of final scan from my Oncologist all that scepticism is behind me and things are certainly looking brighter.

Our chosen Integrative medical practitioner was Dr Kate James who offers an integrative medical approach to cancer patients . From my first visit to see Dr Kate I felt at ease as she described the benefits immunomodulants may have when combined with NHS treatment , together with eating properly which all role up into an integrative approach. Although for now the NHS treatment is reduced to monitoring Dr Kates integrative approach is still very much a priority.

I would whole heartedly recommend the integrative medical approach to everyone with cancer.

Robin , Middlesborough

September 2015

"I was diagnosed with Stage 4 rectal cancer in August 2014 and after chemo and radiotherapy I was told in April of this year that my cancer was inoperable because there had not been enough shrinkage of the tumour and the lymph nodes were infected and embedded in my pelvic walls.

I decided to look for a new oncologist and although I had already adopted a vegan diet and was busy juicing every day I also felt I needed the help of an integrated practitioner. By coincidence I found a clever young oncologist and discovered Dr Kate James at virtually the same time in late April.

I was put on a"brutal" course of chemo which I was told would have bad side effects and at the same time I started on the supplements prescribed by Dr Kate. There was something about her honesty that I instinctively took to and I just knew that I had found the right path. To everyone's surprise, other than mine and Dr Kate's, I managed 8 rounds of the chemo and remained fit and well.

I have no doubt in my mind that it was the support from Dr Kate and the supplements that helped me through such a difficult regime. However the best news was still to come. When they scanned me again at the end of July the shrinkage had been " incredible" and my surgery will now go ahead later this month. I know that the supplements played a key role and I wonder what might have been if I had met Dr Kate earlier. However I count myself a very lucky lady to have found her at a time when I needed her help the most.

I can only hope that many more people follow their instincts and open up their minds to this kind of treatment."

Rosemary, Yorkshire

September 2015

"I was diagnosed with renal cancer in January 2015 after a series of tests and scans, along with a mis-diagnosis. As you can imagine this was a traumatic time for myself and my family. I was lucky enough to have found a GP who passed on Kate's details to me. I am now eight months on and with Kate's help with supplements and diet I am feeling well with little or no side effects from my chemotherapy tablets. My consultant tells me I am doing well and I have had considerable shrinkage . I feel blessed that I have good doctors and family support and I'm now getting on with life. I would like to thank all those who have helped me."

Sarah, Warwickshire

June 2015

" Cancer itself is a teacher.. It teaches you to respect yourself to conquer your fears and to live in the moment . .. One day at a time .But above all it teaches you to understand your body.

When I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer I felt for sure that my body needed all the support required from within to tolerate all the medicines that I would be pumping into it to heal. After going through extensive research I came across Dr Kate James and her integrative programmes. . I went through pleural effusion and then into intravenous chemotherapy in matter of months and I can confidently say my body has been able to handle this so well to everyone's surprise . Thank you so much Dr Kate James for all the support and being there for me.Your confidence in the approach you take has proven correct without doubt .The side affects of chemotherapy are minimalistic and my oncologist is super pleased. My energy levels are almost 70% and I do all my chores myself. I've been down this path 6 years ago when I was first diagnosed and I was younger but I was so weak with all the treatment , it made me anxious to go through it again. Today with the medicinal mushrooms on my side I am a more confident person . I wish you all the best and God Bless you for giving me back my life ! "

Jyoti, London

March 2015

In February of 2014 I was diagnosed with a recurrence of the breast cancer that had affected me some 9 years previously.

As I imagine many people do, I used the internet to inform myself better and in doing so found Kate Jame’s website. I contacted Kate and had a first Skype consultation with her in March 2014. Kate advised a range of mushroom and related supplements to support my immune system. I have been following her advice and using the supplements now for about 11 months. Kate provided a significant amount of information on the background of the supplements with research information as relevant. This combined with her registration as a doctor in the UK gave me confidence that the supplements would be compatible with the chemotherapy treatment I was undergoing.

Chemotherapy continued over a five month period and during this time I coped well with the treatment and also had no other problems with colds, virus’s etc. I had to go to hospital on one occasion when my temperature was high but no evidence of infection was found and I went home after blood tests had been taken. I was not required to stay for antibiotic treatment. My blood count was also good at this time when it would have been expected to be low at the stage in the chemotherapy cycle. The oncologist stated that the response to the chemotherapy had been excellent based on new scans after treatment finished. Since that time scans have shown the disease to be largely stable. ( A couple of very small nodules have been noted on my last scan however it has not been suggested that I need to resume conventional treatment )

I have confidence in the oncologist and all involved in my NHS treatment have been uniformly kind and willing to explain treatment options however it has been very good to have the additional support that Kate has provided, and to have her more holistic view of myself as a person. I am sure that diet is very important and Kate’s advice on this and recipes are a very important aspect of her practice.

Also I believe that hope is very important – having access to a means whereby I can help myself through use of the supplements and diet mean that I do not feel hopeless. I found a website for survivors of metastatic breast cancer who were alive 15 or more years following diagnosis – considerably longer that the typical survival period advised by my oncologist – so my intention is to be alive for at least that timescale if not longer – as I have a lot to live for!

Alex, London

December 2014

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last March (2014) and my Daughter immediately browsed the web for 'extra' support that would help me get through chemo. In this way we discovered Dr Kate James's service and, after an initial Skype discussion, I started a course of selected supplements which I have now been taking for several months. I feel great! I did not suffer from any chemo-induced sickness at all and I continue to take daily a mixture of supplements and mushrooms. Dr James has an NHS background and openly shares her knowledge re the world of medicinal mushroom and other supplements. I highly recommend her service.

Shaun, Somerset

November 2014

In November 2011 I was diagnosed with mesothelioma, ( cancer caused by being exposed to asbestos ). I had an operation to remove the lining of my right lung and received chemotherapy which I have continued with for periods since. My original doctor advised me that I was unlikely to live beyond 2 years and the he had only ever seen 1 person live up to 3 years.

In December 2011 I was introduced to Dr. Kate James by a friend of my daughter who lived in Yorkshire. Dr. Kate gave me a regime of supplements to use to support my immune system naturally , including high dose medicinal mushrooms/ mushroom compounds.

I have had to stop playing golf and going for long walks however I can still care for my large garden including cutting lawns etc. I feel sure my regime which Kate provided has helped me greatly to continue life . I am now into my fourth year.

John, London

November 2014

Everyone from friends to the lovely staff at my hospital to my oncologist the Prof. say that I have dealt with the 9 courses of chemo so well and I can only put this down to all the mushrooms and other supplements that Kate prescribes for me - I don't have pain luckily or sickness which I am sure is helped by my supplements and my clean diet and I am very grateful. My scan has just come back cancer free xxx

Jo- Anne, Somerset

November 2014

For many years I have suffered with bouts of headaches and nausea. The headaches had become daily occurrences, along with the nausea, and were so bad that each morning, and sometimes throughout the day, it was impossible to life a normal life.

I had tried getting help from my GP and had a variety of tests without uncovering the cause. I've also tried a number of complementary approaches to no avail. It was in desperation that I eventually searched the Internet for a medical doctor with a broader knowledge of conventional medicine alone. I felt it was important to find somebody medically qualified, because I was concerned there might be an underlying medical problem. When I came across Dr Kate's website, I was instantly reassured and hopeful that I had found someone who could help me, and help me she did.

Apart from her warm and reassuring approach (she is wonderfully caring, friendly and supportive), the supplements and mushrooms she has prescribed have almost cured my headaches entirely (in only two month or less), and would probably have eradicated them altogether if I didn't occasionally lapse into unhealthy ways. It is so nice to go to bed knowing I won't wake up to grinding nausea and headaches each day, relying on a daily intake of Panadol to get me through. We are now working on relieving my other symptoms, such as nightly visits to the loo and difficulty getting to sleep, which seem to be improving already.

I would unreservedly recommend Dr Kate to anyone seeking help for health issues. I certainly plan to stay the course with her, and I'm very happy with my progress so far.

As a footnote, I was also drawn to her website because of her experience in supporting people with cancer. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in June 2008 and underwent chemotherapy and a gruelling stem cell replacement, the recovery from which was extremely tough. I just wish I had known about Dr Kate's approach then, and perhaps my experience wouldn't have been quite as bad.

Angela, Lincoln

August 2014

" I would like you to know how grateful I am to you for the help and advice you have given me. Without your support I am in no doubt that this journey would have been unbearable. With you help I have discovered strength that I did not know I had. I feel in some ways my illness has been a gift. It has enabled me to spend time healing and learning. I feel healthy , happy and energised. I feel blessed to have met you, you are an incredible person from whom love and compassion radiates. Thank you , thank you , thank you. Lots of Love..."

Marisa, Newcastle Upon - Tyne

May 2014

On being diagnosed with yet another form of Leukemia almost 6 months ago, this time incurable by conventional medicine it was refreshing to come upon Dr. Kate James who is in my mind what all Doctors should aim to be. She takes a holistic approach to the human body, not taking it simply as a bag of chemicals to be balanced with pharmaceutical drugs but seeing the body, mind and spirit as all interrelated and imperative to the patients well being.

Her knowledge, experience and confidence in what she practices are evident in our consultations and have been an invaluable part of my healing and wellbeing. I was giving 6 months as a best case\prognosis and yet here I am 6 months later feeling fit and well.

I still have Leukemia now but I am happy and healthy and can directly (through regular blood tests) see the benefits of Dr. Kate James’ consultations, advice and medicines on the improvement of my physical condition. I feel my previous treatment within the conventional system has complicated matters for me over the longer term (my bone marrow transplant, radiation and chemotherapy have all taken their toll and added to the complexity of my condition).

I would highly recommend her to all those considering an integrative /supportive approach in dealing with Leukemia and other forms of cancer, rest assured they will be in good, supportive hands.

Russell, Wales

"Thank you so much for being you , dear Dr Kate. I am so grateful that you and your practice 'Integrated Medicine' exists. Without you and your approach, I know I would not be as well as I am , and very probably not here at all! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. You are a true doctor in the true sense- looking after your patients wellbeing-in mind, body and soul. God Bless you. "

Natalie , Hemel Hemstead

March 2014

Out of our vulnerabilities we can find inner strength. ....I feel very blessed to have been recommended to Dr. Kate by my nurse. After my initial contact with Kate, I felt a great sense of relief. I knew she was the doctor I needed.

I was diagnosed in 2012, with advanced (not curable) low grade follicular lymphoma. I have now had 8 regimen's of RCVP chemotherapy and am in remission. I began working with Kate at the end of my 4th cycle. At this time I was very, very tired and needed help at home. Dr. Kate kindly started me on an individual integrative regime. Within two weeks of taking my prescription my energy levels increased I felt more positive, understood and less isolated, vital for my healing.

So far all my blood works “have been normal” and on my last visit to the hospital I was told how well I looked and to carry on with whatever I am doing. Since working with Dr:Kate, things are moving on many levels on the inside too !

Dr. Kate has been put on this earthly planet, to change, challenge, to teach, and heal in the UK, which I believe is rapidly changing. Dr. Kate has given me the support I needed to manage my condition .Her approach feels unique in the UK, I can telephone her, and send emails and always receive a prompt reply.

What cancer cannot do; It cannot cripple love. It cannot shatter hope. It cannot destroy peace. It cannot silence courage. It cannot invade the soul.It cannot steal eternal life. Love and hope.

Brenda, Yorkshire.

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 35 years and developed skin cancer 13 years ago. How fortunate I am to have discovered Dr. Kate. Within six weeks of commencing treatment I was able to do tasks that I could not do a year ago. I am enjoying my life, confident that in her care that my condition can only improve. Dr. Kate has a ‘special gift’ for her patients.

Barbara, Kent

My initial reaction to a diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer was total loss of confidence not just in my health but in myself generally…… A new and debilitating experience for me. I began questioning my judgement in areas of life more widely and even in my own professional expertise.

My working life had been dedicated to helping others. Now I felt helpless but with a strong sense that there must be more that I could do for myself. When I tried to discuss what I could do to support treatment I was told that this disease is genetic and “runs in families”…even greater loss of hope.

Fortuitously, a telephone conversation led to Kate’s website. I called and we had conversations via skype and email. We talked about diet and nutrition, beliefs and holistic approaches creating a personalised integrative regime . All engendered the previously missing factor…hope.

Kate recommended a couple of books and research papers all of which transformed my feelings and approach. I have read avidly ever since, even scratching the surface of cell biology and more recently epigenetics. For many years I have recognised most of us live within a very restricted paradigm in terms of how we see life and the world around us.

My reading has helped me recognise just how limiting this is when considering our health and our relationship to life in its broadest sense. This awareness is something I now carry with me at all times. It concerns me that vital information about healthy living is not given the attention it deserves. I do however, detect the beginnings of a growing awareness of these issues and the outline of a model of health care which is holistic in nature and where doctor /patient interaction is a “partnership” where relationship, conversation and even friendship become central.

In my view, Kate James and her approach are fundamental as well as inspirational in this process.

Rod, Somerset.

September 2013

I first got to know of Dr. Kate James through personal recommendation. I went straight to Kate’s website and once there I was immediately hooked and knew that I had to meet this wonderful lady.

I had an initial consultation with Kate and she was everything I had hoped for. Very compassionate, extremely knowledgable very holistic and spiritual...just what I needed!

Having undergone further chemo earlier this year, I found the prospect quite daunting considering that I’d only had the same treatment 2 years previous. Kate soon reassured me that this was the right thing to do and with the supplements she prescribed I could get the best of both worlds.

Kate was right as I have been taking mushrooms , chlorophyll rich foods and other supplements she sends me. Half way through my cycle of chemo I had a scan which showed good results and I've virtually had no side effects at all*

ve always been a very holistic person and for a long time have incorporated eating a raw diet along with juicing everyday. So meeting Kate has enhanced my belief even further in eating healthily and having the right thought pattern

I feel very privileged to work with Kate and meeting her has been one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me, and I can strongly recommend her to anyone with any diagnosis.

I believe in angels and they can be in many different forms. I see Kate as my earth angel especially sent to me.

Glenda, Manchester

July 2013

Kate was recommended to me by a Nutritionist I had been seeing after being diagnosed with a pre-cancerous condition.

I booked an initial consultation. From the beginning I found Kate friendly and approachable and a pleasure to work with. While at the same time very knowledgeable and Professional. Her work is Patient centred. Listening to my needs and tailoring the treatment to those needs. I felt fully supported at a time when I was feeling very low and vulnerable. I was looking for an ´holistic´ approach to my problem and feel that Kate´s ´Íntegrated´ approach really suited me and I booked a two day workshop. Both days were wonderfully relaxing with nutritious food, invaluable dietary advice including delicious recipes and techniques such as EFT and Qi Gong and all set in beautiful surroundings. The whole experience has been extremely therapeutic and I look forward to my visits.

Kate is there for you when you need advice by phone or by email. So you have continuous support, which I feel is very important.

Mitch Phillips, Cumbria

May 2013

In November last year I was diagnosed with a large tumour in my brain.It was a secondary cancer from my ovarian cancer and inoperable.I was given an op to drain the fluid, by this time i couldn't talk,write or walk steadily, and a course of radiotherapy to shrink the tumour.I was then given three months to live.

Through E.F.T.my partner was recommended to Dr Kate James,she had an excellent informative web site. I had a consultation with her when i was rock bottom. I had nausea,sickness and completely no hope. I started a personalised regime and within a week everyone had noticed changes...my cognitive thinking,my movement , my speech had all begun to normalise. My consultations with Kate have been about me,my cancer,my food regime so I feel she knows what I need. Thanks to her support and guidance I am feeling fantastic and full of hope..... when I die is unknown but until then I can feel well enough to feel love and give love which can only live off HOPE.

Jude, West Yorkshire

May 2013

I am 63 years old and have had a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer since 2003 during which time I have had numerous courses of chemotherapy treatment with varying results. I have been working with Dr. Kate James for the last three years. Last year we added mushrooms to my Integrative regime to provide natural immunological support. I took these alongside a course of chemotherapy treatment consisting of Cisplatin and Gemcitabine. At the end of the chemotherapy treatment (January 2013) the hospital doctors told me they were surprised I got through the treatment without having to have a break, I put this down to Kate’s advice and help. Since that time I have had no conventional chemotherapy treatment but have continued to take mushrooms as part of my Integrative regime. Last week I had a hospital check with my Oncology Professor and was told that interestingly my CA125 has decreased by approximately 3000 and that whatever I am doing I should continue with it.

Kate James is an excellent Doctor who listens to her patients comments and concerns, great care and thought go into her recommendations/suggestions for nutritional/immune support. She is continually researching and studying to keep herself as informed as possible with conventional medical practice and complementary practice. Kate is an excellent example of Integrative Medicine at its best.

Pam Harvey- Update , Abbots Langley

May 2013

I was diagnosed with advanced Ovarian cancer in 2010 and began working with Dr. James in January 2011. When I saw my Oncology consultant recently at Mount Vernon Hospital recently she showed great interest in my Integrative regime . She walked into the room and looked at me saying "you are very well aren't you!" I explained that I felt really well and better than I had for many years. She next informed me that my CA125 figure had increased only slightly since I had seen her three months previously. She began to enquire "what I was on". I began my explanation about no sugar, no dairy, no red meat, lots of oily fish etc. etc and my Integrative supplements . I felt this was a breakthrough having been told to eat as much fresh cream and cakes to keep my weight up when first diagnosed. I went on to explain about my supplements which Dr. Kate James had suggested . Her last remark to me was "well, whatever it is you are doing. keep doing it!" I intend to do so.

Sherryl Robinson- Update , Hertfordshire

March 2013

I was introduced to Kate James because for almost two years now I have been suffering from acute inflammation in the sinus which is incredibly painful-( like a migraine I imagine) it leaves me unable to get out of bed and makes me sick. It’s debilitating in that a nerve ending from the brain becomes inflamed causing double vision. The medical profession were concerned enough to undertake two biopsies carrying out many tests and scans; they’re main concern was that it could be a lymphoma, although there is no evidence to suggest this from their tests, therefore my condition remains a mystery to them.

I was given a fairly high dose of steroids which I have taken intermittently in reaction to the double vision, and although they seem to take control of the inflammation they leave me with a whole other set of side effects but most notably leaving me very weak where simple daily tasks were a big deal for me to undertake physically. It is not a good idea to be on these at my age for lengthy amounts of time yet I had been unable to come off them as my double vision would return.

I felt very anxious as I was unable to consistently care for my two small girls making me heavily dependent on family and friends and had lost faith in my body, feeling trapped much of the time with little confidence...In fact I was really down having difficulty recognising myself.

Kate has introduced me to amazing dietary supplements, therapies, treatments and integrative medicines, most of which I have applied to my everyday life, combined they have bolstered and strengthened me physically, and emotionally. I was lucky enough to visit Kate for a two day workshop which in retrospect I have found really useful and enlightening. I found Kate to be a very kind and intuitive person surprising me constantly with her spot on advice.

Six months on she has restored my health in that on a day to day basis I forget I have ever been ill! Much of the time I feel better than ever, I now have faith in my body and my independence and confidence are returning. The hospital have, said that they’re no longer concerned as my last MRI scan showed no change. I have been slowly weaning myself off the steroids and am on what is considered a low dose. I’m at a point of health I started to doubt would ever be achievable. I am so grateful to her.

Ashley Odey, South sea

January 2013

Over the last few months my Mum's CA125 count has just dropped from 18000 to 48 . I can be certain that prior to working with Kate my mum was finding it difficult to cope with the harsh side effects of chemotherapy. Shortly after following a new diet regime and taking immunomodulants/ herbs and supplements as directed by Dr Kate my Mum found new strength to continue with her chemotherapy. Working with Dr Kate also gave my mum more hope and empowerment at a time when she needed it most. This sense of hope and the empowering feeling of taking personal control over her illness really boosted my Mum's confidence in her ability to fight cancer.

I'm certain that working with Dr Kate will support every patient, physically, mentally and emotionally in whatever challenge they face.

Patient's daughter, Oxfordshire.

I am certain Kate is an angel in disguise. She has a natural warmth and empathy and gently guides you along your treatment path with kind words of encouragement and an amazing knowledge, zest and passion to help others.

I first met her in November 2012 after a referral from a good friend. Two months prior I had received the initial news that I. had stage 1b clear cell carcinoma ovarian cancer, after a routine ct scan they then found metastasis in my liver that measured 5cm and 2 cm one in each lobe, it transpired that these mets were from my breast cancer which I had been treated for in March 2010. I was absolutely gutted,, as I had started a new healthy food regime following my first diagnosis and felt really well.

To say I was petrified of chemo is an understatement, before I met Kate the utter mention of the word brought me out in a cold sweat as my previous regime had taken its toll on my body, and out of 6 treatments I had been neutropenic 3 times, each time being a weeks stay in hospital, I suffered hair loss and severe sickness, tiredness and hated every single minute of the experience. The thought that I would have to go through this again put the fear of god into me and I initially told my consultant I was going to decline chemo. However, after a full two days with Kate she gave me hope again, and complete faith in the conventional medical system and with her wonderful natural supplements, tonic teas and delicious recipes she helped me support my immune system and my confidence again through EFT.

I was lucky to see Kate well before I started chemo (as I had questioned the chemo route the doctors were wanting to take me down) so by the time I started I had had a good five weeks of supplements in my body. The first sign I noticed any benefit was after a couple of weeks when I visited my sister and it wasn't until we were driving home that I realised I hadn't needed antihistamine for my cat allergy, I had gone two whole days and not sneezed and not noticed because I was having fun!! Everyone I speak to says how well I look and that surely the docs have got the diagnosis wrong as I don't look Ill, my hair is glossy my eyes are bright and apparently I have a calmness about me.

When I started my chemo my consultant, knowing my past history was concerned about my blood count possibly being low but when the blood results came back high, and much higher than they had been before I started chemo three years ago she was very happy. They have continued to stay high too.

However the real test was just last week I unfortunately contracted the flu bug. I was having my chemo treatment in hospital when my symptoms started and my temperature was sky high so the consultant suggested I stay in as she was sure I would become neutropenic over the pursuing days. I stayed in hospital five days, with them checking my bloods everyday. They could not believe my bloods were so steadfast. My temperature went after a couple of days and I felt a fraud for the next couple sat in bed getting waited on and looking so well. My hubbie was bringing in my fresh green juices and supplements and by the end of my stay all the docs were intrigued by what I was taking and told me to carry on as I should have been really ill and I looked far too healthy after such a nasty bug. All I can say is if I wasn't following Kate's regime I feel like I would have been really ill again.. to date I have had no side effects from the chemo and have an abundance of energy.

Thank you Kate x

Sarah Shotton, Northumberland

November 2012

When I first spoke to Kate in April this year (2012) I was in a seriously bad way. I had been diagnosed the previous May (2011) with advanced ovarian cancer that had spread onto my liver. To cut a long story short, my beliefs in an alternative approach, coupled with a huge fear of conventional chemotherapy, led me through an extraordinary series of events where I refused standard conventional treatment, and did a huge amount of detoxing, diet change and a hundred and one other things. Nevertheless the cancer continued to progress and by April 2012 I weighed only 47kg, which meant I looked a concentration camp survivor. At one stage I genuinely thought I was going to die, but this seemed so pointless after all I had done, so I decided that drastic measures were called for, and that chemotherapy would be my last option. Having spoken briefly to Kate the previous year, I had no doubt that she would be the one to guide me through this whole new scary phase.

What I didn’t know though, was that not only would she guide me, but she would also teach me, inspire me, and open up a whole new fascinating world to me. My appointments with her were via skype, and the weekly sessions of pure encouragement were just wonderful.

Kate taught me some of the basic fundamental principles of how the body works in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and I soon realised where I had been going wrong the previous year in my own attempts at alternative healing. Her empathy seemed to know no bounds, but more importantly she taught me to trust my intuition again, and to nurture and nourish my body. The knowledge she brought as a conventional doctor was an absolutely vital part of my healing, as the supplements she had me taking soon started taking effect, and the chemo side effects became non-existent as the weeks went by. Having categorically been told by the oncologist that I was likely to have to skip chemo every now and again when my blood tests weren’t good enough, I ended up having 18 consecutive weeks of chemo without missing a single one. In fact my blood tests when I finished the initial batch of chemo were a huge improvement on when I had first started conventional treatment! It became a standing joke with the nurses every week, that I just wasn’t following the norm!

Kate also helped me address the emotional side of my healing as well, and we did several very emotional sessions of EFT, which helped me to clear alot of emotional baggage that stemmed from early childhood years. Her intuition was astounding, and she pin-pointed issues that I hadn’t even thought of, and believe me, I had already done alot of EFT with some other wonderful EFT practitioners prior to working with Kate.

I then had major surgery at the beginning of October this year, and again I have Kate to thank for this. My oncologist had repeatedly told me that he thought surgery was not going to be an option, but after discussing this with Kate I sought a second opinion and again pressured the oncologist until I found a wonderful surgeon who agreed that surgery would be a good idea. Major surgery followed (total hysterectomy) and the surgeon was very surprised that it had gone so well. I lost 3 pints of blood during surgery, but despite this, my recovery was rapid, and in the surgeon’s own words, ‘miraculous’. The surgeon came to see me on a daily basis in hospital and I continued to amaze him with my improvement. He had the opportunity on one visit to see the leftovers of one of my green smoothies, which sparked a really interesting conversation about diet etc, with me telling him all about the way of life I now led thanks to Kate’s guidance. He was hugely impressed, and said “if I were you, I would continue doing whatever you’re doing, as it’s obviously working”. Nine days after the operation when I saw the oncologist again, his words followed a similar theme when he said “Wow, you’re doing far better than you should be doing after such major surgery!”

As I write this, my tumour markers (CA125) are now within normal levels, and I am finishing the last few weeks of the chemo. I continue to have no side effects of chemo, including zero nausea each week, and so far no hair loss either for this last batch of chemo. My tonic teas are a huge part of my life, as is the weekly acupuncture, which I will continue with for many years to come. I am looking forward to a weekend course mid November with Kate, to learn more about the tonic teas, and in March 2013 I am looking forward to the 4 day practitioner course with her. Other plans on the horizon also include a trip at the beginning of next year to the Hippocrates Health Inst in Florida. There is no doubt in my mind that Kate helped me to regain my life back.

Katherine Butcher , York

September 2012

"Having successfully managed my second diagnosis of cancer naturally by changing my diet and lifestyle for nearly 2 years, I found it very difficult to make a decision with regards to my treatment plan when my condition suddenly worsened earlier this year. Having had chemotherapy and radiotherapy several years prior, I was reluctant to take that path again. However, on consulting with Dr Kate James and talking through all of my options and understanding how she could support me, I was able to make an informed decision. I feel blessed to be able to work with Kate and have her support me going through my treatment plan of chemotherapy. I have hardly suffered from any side-effects and am constantly told by friends and family how well i am looking which I believe is down to her advice with regards to nutrition and lifestyle. Having previously adopted a raw food diet for 2 years, I have a good understanding of what constitutes as healthy food and am grateful that Kate is also an advocate of alkalising superfoods such as AFA Blue green algae. Kate is extremely intuitive - a trait I value very highly and something i feel is very much lacking in todays conventional medical care. Her medical training and her interest in holistic medicine for me makes her the ideal person to work with as you get to benefit the best of both worlds where the two can support eachother to give you the best chance of healing. She is gentle, kind and caring and I wholeheartedly recommend you work with her. "

Polly Noble, Cambridge

June 2012

" I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer last year and after surgery began chemotherapy treatment. I felt desperate and only just having had the 2nd of 6 Chemotherapy (FEC) sessions I didn’t feel that I would make it any further. I knew I needed help desperately! In an extreme anxious state I decided to contact a Bowen Technique practitioner I had used and asked his advice; luckily, fortunately and auspiciously he recommended that I contact Dr Kate James.

I have never looked back! From that first appointment I have improved in every way. Interestingly I noticed my blood count started to steadily climb 2 weeks after beginning Kate's programme . After my sixth and final chemotherapy treatment it was actually better than the baseline bloods taken before I commenced chemotherapy treatment . I also noticed the pattern of my hair loss and re growth to be better than I had expected. I used the "Cold Cap" on each visit and I managed to keep about half of my hair. I also noticed new hair growth started before my last chemo session which the chemotherapy nurse commented she had not seen before. My kidney function is also the best it could be, again having improved from my baseline bloods done before treatment began.

My recovery after each chemo session got quicker and on the 5th day after the 6th and last session I spent the day gardening! I completed my chemo sessions on time and without any illness or infection and indeed carried on my life almost as normal after that visit. The hospital have asked me to record and relate my experience during the treatments with the view of helping others; the diet, supplements, visits and recommendations from Kate.

Kate has been a true inspiration and driving force in my ability to carry on. I have completely changed my diet and way of looking at food. The food I eat now is healing and helping me to support my body on every level . I am also taking Kate's recommended supplements. It all feels right and my general health and well-being has improved. My Oncologist remarked on how amazing I looked and I am forever being told by other medical practioners and people of “how well I look”.

I can’t recommend Kate highly enough. I am now embarking on a 5 week radiotherapy programme and will continue to visit Kate and follow her trusted advice in the knowledge that she will help and support me and tailor her treatment to my individual needs."

Alison Bradley , Co Durham

May 2012

"Following a medical diagnosis last year of mesothelioma, I chose to follow a natural, holistic approach to well being. I wanted to improve my general health and strength as much as possible and with Kate’s expertise and gentle guidance . I’m following a natural dietary and supplement regime which includes chlorophyll based juices and mostly alkaline foods . I have also benefitted greatly from one to one EFT sessions with Kate and learning visualisation techniques. I have been following this regime since the beginning of the year and I feel so healthy and full of energy, in fact I feel amazing! Kate’s holistic approach promotes physical, emotional and spritual well being. Thank you Kate for following your heart so we can follow ours."

Glynis Margerison, Yorkshire

October 2009

Dr Kate says: I have been working with Martin and Jackie to support them through Martin's diagnosis with a Grade 4 Glioma in October 2009.

"I was diagnosed with a grade 4 Glioma in October 09 and had surgery to remove the tumour at the end of October 09. I started Radio and Chemotherapy in December 09 for 6 weeks, I then had a further 6 months of chemo and am currently just about to start the second month of the 6 month course. I have been receiving dietary and holistic advice from Dr Kate James and have been following a programme of diet and E.F.T. since December 09 and have found it to be extremely beneficial to my physical and mental well being. I would recommend Dr James to anyone who has Cancer and is uncertain of the future. I have sailed through the first course of chemo with no problems at all thanks to Dr James.

Martin Dodgson 48yrs, Newcastle Upon- Tyne

April 2010

"I have met Dr James and heard her speak about her work with Holistic Care for Cancer and know that anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will not only benefit from her enormous wealth of knowledge but also from the compassion and gentleness with which she shares it. Both patients and staff alike will gain so much from her presence and skills."

Emma Roberts Psychotherapist, EFT Master, Co-founder of The London EFT Centre and author of Even Though I Have Cancer: a book all about how EFT can support those who have cancer.

Consultant Physician March 2010

"On 29/10/2009 I was diagnosed as having an inoperable cancer of the pancreas which was also not amenable to radiotherapy or a histological diagnosis by needle biopsy. This diagnosis came as a profound shock to me, conversant as I was with the prognosis and the absence of any definitive chemotherapy regime accepted worldwide. Through mutual friends I came to hear about the excellent holistic, EFT and research work undertaken by Dr. Kate James. The response by these patients were both very positive, therapeutic and successful. I had a 2 day intensive consultation with Dr. Kate James in Northumberland.

It was wonderfully effective, therapeutic and motivating. I look on those 2 days with her and my subsequent regular contacts with her with great hope, enthusiasm and conviction of the efficacy of her holistic approach. I am positive that patients can be thoroughly rewarded by being supported by her wherever cancer patients need her expertise and input on their illness."

May 2012

" Dr James was recommended to me by someone who works for a local charity called Coping with Cancer, they had attended one of her workshops. I was in a bit of an emotional mess when I first spoke to Dr James. I had been diagnosed with advanced rectal cancer which had spread. Dr James started me on supplements and gave me loads of information on green foods and diet. I was really encouraged by her approach and keen to attend a two day course with her. I attended her practice a few weeks later and we worked intensively, spending a long time formulating a plan incorporating diet,nutrition, supplements, and using EFT

. I have since followed Dr James' advice, and regularly skype and each time she fills me with the confidence that had been knocked out of me in the beginning. Confidence to question things, to ask for a second opinion with the support of my GP , and confidence in knowing that I am doing the very best for my body. People keep telling me how well I'm looking which is not bad after six rounds of chemotherapy. If you want to do the best you can to help yourself through treatment and beyond then I would thoroughly recommend you contact Dr James."

Helen Witton Lancashire

November 2011

I have been working with Louise to support her through locally advanced breast cancer

" I was diagnosed with a grade 3 tumour in June 2011 which was inflammatory breast cancer. I was Given Kate's details via my mum and began a tailored treatment plan during the summer and also spent a day with Kate at her lovely home. Since starting the juicing, supplements, wheatgrass and foods I have never felt stronger. During four months of chemo I did not have a single infection. I underwent a mastectomy (including lymph node removal) in October 2011 and have made a speedy recovery as predicted by Kate! On diagnosis my tumour measured 9x8cm and I had between 4-9 lymph nodes involved.

Post surgery they found only 2mm of fragmented cancerous cells remained and no cancer could be found in my lymph nodes. I believe that whilst the conventional treatment is important, the holistic treatment is equally beneficial as can be seen by my results! Hr teaching of EFT has also enabled me to cope emotionally. Kate is compassionate and thorough in approach and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone. "

Louise Drinkwater, Cambridgeshire

October 2011

"I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May 2011 and spent 6 weeks in hospital following 2 major operations. On my discharge from hospital, I contacted Kate, who had been recommended to us by a friend. I was immediately drawn to her as a person, and as a doctor, based on her attitudes and ideas. From the first consultation I began a course of supplements (Algae, Beta Glucan, Vitamin D, Royal Jelly and Wheatgrass). When I started chemotherapy in September my immune system was so improved that I had no obvious reactions of sickness etc to the Chemo tablets I was taking. The NHS hospital is so impressed with my progress; they have said that “whatever i am doing, keep doing it”. I have no reservations about recommending Kate, and the various treatments she suggests, to anyone in my situation."

John Harrison, Northumberland

"I am relieved that Kate knows her stuff and is able to use food supplements to help John’s body to absorb the chemo in a positive way. People comment on how well he looks
considering he is going through chemo. Kate has also helped me, through EFT to come to
terms with John receiving Chemotherapy, because I was not comfortable with him taking it. "

(Kath Harrison, John's wife), Northumberland

June 2010

I have been working with this lady and her husband to support her through advanced breast cancer.

"We have been working with Dr Kate James for 8 months and in that time we have found her to be a truly remarkable woman who dedicates her time to helping those suffering from serious illness. My wife was diagnosed with osteoblastic metastasis [secondary cancer to the bones which it was said was terminal] in October 2009,all they offered by way of treatment was radiotherapy which wasn't successful,we contacted Kate in may 2010 and went to visit her at her home where she introduced us to the green foods which are taken to help boost you immune system.In June 2010 my wife had several scans in order to check on the progression of the disease,unfortunately it had spread to another 4 areas in the bones and they had found 3 tumours in my liver,the oncologist put my wife on herceptin and navelbine [chemotherapy],she started this treatment in July 2010 and whilst undergoing this treatment she took green food supplements as advised by Kate,she had another set of scans done in October 2010 and these showed that there had been no further progression of the disease,a further ct scan was carried out in January and this showed a slight shrinkage of the tumours in her liver,I am convinced that the green foods have played a major part in supporting my wife during the treatment. "

John Skelton, Lancashire

July 2011

I have been working with Jim to support him through advanced prostate cancer

“When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer four years ago, I accepted it with equanimity. After all, I was 76, and although conventional medicine made it plain that there was no cure, given that it had spread to virtually every bone in my body, they offered me some years of fairly normal life. It was something of a shock two years later to be told I also had mild to moderate heart failure. To one who had always loved country walks the virtual impossibility of walking uphill for any distance was a blow. I had to give up the “Healthy walks” organized by the local authority in the village - finding flat walks on the edge of a National Park is not easy! I found I was lacking energy and the motivation to overcome it, while still appearing all right. Discovering Dr. Kate’s web site and her attitude to care has made a huge difference. Her approach has not only made me feel more energetic, I want to do jobs around the house and garden that I wouldn’t have tackled before and I can even walk better up hill !”

Jim Townsend , Tyne Valley

Carole May 2012

Looking back, it was through a golden web of contacts that I eventually arrived on Kate’s “doorstep” seeking help. I was struggling to recover from 5 weeks of radiotheraphy/chemotherapy for advanced bowel cancer, plus a two week re-admission to hospital to deal with infected radiotherapy burns and inability to hold down any painkillers or food. Yes, you could say I was in bits but I “knew” that there must be some way out of this and was determined to find it.

When I first spoke to Kate I realised immediately that she understood exactly where I was coming from, not only as a medical doctor but as a mother who had to find a way to help her own child to recover from cancer. I needed someone in whom I could have total confidence; someone I could completely trust. Kate’s a good listener and I quickly relaxed and felt comfortable discussing all aspects of my illness with her.

“I eagerly embarked on Kate’s programme and quickly adapted to my new diet, receiving guidance from Kate at all times. Kate’s holistic approach meant that we touched on many aspects relating to my general wellbeing, including my need to explore the volcano of emotional stuff that had built up since losing my husband to cancer in the middle of my own treatment. Kate is an EFT practitioner and this really helped me to open up and let go of so much that had been weighing me down. Kate also referred me to a colleague where I underwent a week’s detox programme, which awakened my body, mind and spirit in unimaginable ways.

It’s now coming up to two years since I first consulted Kate and I’m feeling and looking really well. My latest PET scan showed normal and life is good.

My diet remains centered around Kate’s basic “game plan”, which suits me fine. I like to eat a fairly varied diet and there isn’t much that I would refuse these days. A little bit of everything is a good motto, I think. I truly believe that contacting Kate was one of the best decisions I have ever made. All I can say is be bold; believe in yourself and your ability to help your body to recover.

I also listen to my body and if I feel I need more superfood or more wheatgrass or algae, then I take a bit more for a while. For me, it’s about learning to feel the balance and if I was unsure then I would run it past Kate first.

For me, the benefits of Kate’s “game plan” is that it is dynamic, energised with new ideas, supplements and foods.

Carole Roberts, London

October 2011

It was a week before Christmas when I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer with a 9cm mass in my left ovary. On the same day as that diagnosis I was given the name Kate James by a friend who had cancer some years ago who had visited Kate and felt benefit from her holistic therapy and supplements. My daughter looked at Kates’ website and sent her an email asking for her help, neither she nor I really understanding at all what she would want me to do. I was really surprised when Kate telephoned me the next day saying she was going to email a green juice recipe which I should start taking each day as soon as possible. She also said she would email lots of information about how my diet and state of mind could almost certainly affect my condition during my chemotherapy, hysterectomy and recovery after these treatments. I felt devastated by the situation at the time and couldn’t imagine that anything would help me and I felt my future looked bleak. During my telephone conversation with Kate, she said she would like me to travel to her home in Northumberland where we could discuss food supplements, diet, EFT – which I had never heard of and Visualisation. A date was set for my daughter to drive me there and Kate gave me a telephone number for a couple with a small bed and breakfast guest house which we booked by email. I had my first chemotherapy treatment 10 days before visiting Kate so wasn’t feeling great during the 400 mile journey. I was feeling very down and as though my situation was hopeless. However, after meeting Kate and having a very long session of EFT, I felt lifted and much more positive about my future. The visualisation session was equally beneficial to my general state. I have followed her programme regarding nutrition since our first meeting and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I feel I owe my life to her for the support she has given me and my daughter during an extremely difficult period of our lives.

I have just found out my tumour marker count is only 4!

From Sherryl Robinson Oct 2011, Hertfordshire

November 2011

I have metastatic bowel cancer which has spread to my lungs and liver and is inoperable. I had bowel surgery and palliative chemotherapy over 4 years ago. My oncologist thinks it is very unlikely I will live through this, my fifth year since the terminal diagnosis. Just over a year ago I started to feel really ill, nausea, sickness etc. I had been following recommendations from a nutritionist for the previous 3 years but I felt then that I was no longer being helped and it would be downhill from there. Then I met Dr Kate 6 months ago and since then I have taken her advice and feel amazingly well. I have a cough but the nausea and sickness have gone and I have more energy to do what I want to do with my family and friends. I feel as if I’ve put the clock back a year at least! I accept that the cancer is there and that I will die of it at some time but I can live very well at the level I am at now and, with the advice and support from Dr Kate, be as well as I can be. Long may this last! I am so grateful our paths have crossed and I have this extra quality time with my family.

Lynn Stuart, Northumberland

August 2011

"Speaking to Kate was like a breath of fresh air at a very stressful time, her knowledge and intuition for my needs and the needs of my body as I was trying to deal with my oesophageal tumour, was exactly what I needed, to help and guide me through a very difficult time. "

Paul, 60, Managing Director, Yorkshire

January 2011

I have been working with Pam to support her through locally advanced ovarian cancer.

"Since consulting Kate about 6 months ago I feel my health has become more robust and I’m much more confident that I have the strength to fight my illness.

It is now 7 years since diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer and since that time I have had 4-5 courses of chemotherapy. When I was told I would need to have further chemotherapy last summer I knew that my body was not in a “good state” to cope with the stresses it was about to be put under and was extremely worried about what the future held for me. Luckily my reflexologist gave me Kate’s name and website and shortly after I began chemotherapy treatment I made the long journey from my home in South West Hertfordshire to spend 2 days with Kate and thus began rehabilitation of my immune system and the feeling of wellness I now have.

At first I made slow progress as following the chemotherapy sessions I was quite poorly and it was difficult to follow Kate’s plan, however I persevered and soon realised that I was becoming stronger and recovering from the after effects more quickly, the only thing I was doing differently was following Kate’s “green” plan. With the chemotherapy treatment over the plan is being followed avidly; I feel well, am not tired and do so much more than was previously able.

Being supporting in a holistic manner has certainly helped me remain positive. By following the “green” diet I have been helped to improve my immune system and boost my energy levels. EFT has enabled me to keep my spirits high and my outlook positive. I have also gained a true friend in Kate.

I doubt that all (or any) of this could have been achieved without Kate’s intervention and I feel truly blessed to have been guided to her knowledge, enthusiasm, love and caring. Kate is always ready to answer questions and listen to any worries. Thank you Kate; you are a very special person, dedicated to helping others achieve optimum health and well being."

January 2012

"Working with Kate over the past 18 months has been enormously beneficial, her advice and recommendations blend seamlessly with any conventional treatment I may be undergoing. Kate is always extremely thoughtful, good at listening/understanding concerns expressed. Consulting Kate has improved my self-esteem and belief/deep felt need to be treated holistically rather than for just the “condition”. Following Kate’s advice my general health and well-being has improved and I am forever being told by both medical practioners and others of “how well I look” . I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Pam Harvey, Hertfordshire

February 2012

I have been working with Tony to support him through advanced metastatic bowel cancer.

"I was diagnosed and confirmed as having advanced bowel cancer and following surgery in January 2010 I commenced radiotherapy and chemotherapy in April 2010. Whilst the radiotherapy continued for the full 28 sessions, unfortunately I developed a bad reaction to the chemotherapy after only 4 days of a 6 month term so that had to be cancelled.

I have been consulting Dr Kate continuously since early 2010.

In October 2010 I was found to have secondary cancers in my liver, pelvis and para aortic lymph node area. My wife Frances, herself an EFT practitioner recommended Dr Kate James…

My diet had never been particularly great and I felt with the current traditional treatment there was something missing - quite often cancer takes all control of your well-being away from you and you rely solely in the medical profession. I felt there had to be a way of me taking some of that control and responsibility back. After working with Dr Kate for several weeks over the phone I spent a wonderful 2 days on a focused retreat as a way of refining my Integrative treatment plan. At the end of the 2 days I came away refreshed and focused for the journey ahead.

Now here's the thing.... I had a deep rooted fear that Integrative therapy would divert me off of the path my traditional NHS care team were going to place me on. On the contrary, the Integrative Therapy path fully complimented the traditional NHS path so the two worked in harmony. I found Dr Kate enlightening in her approach whereby she urged me to share her Integrative plan with my NHS care team. This is where it works perfectly and the term Integrative really does what is says on the tin...It integrates with your current therapy and adapts to changes in the said plan. I feel it has supported my immune system and worked to cleanse my blood and internal organs thus preparing/ supporting me through potentially gruelling chemotherapy and assisting my well-being in its own right.

I started an aggressive course of treatment in October 2010 and after 13 cycles of Chemotherapy (Irinotecan) and Biotherapy (Avastin) I took a rest from Conventional therapies for 3 months between October 2011 and January 2012.

The Integrative treatments continued whilst my body rested and now in January 2012 I have recommenced the chemo and biotherapy - I clearly saw the Integrative treatments, which include supplements, beautiful natural juices, enemas and EFT, as preparation for what was to come. I also see the Integrative treatment as a key element to my continued well-being.

The cancer in my body continues to be held at bay since they were discovered in October 2010 and thankfully have not increased in size or spread further - I continue to feel strong and am both mentally and physically prepared for whatever lies ahead

Dr Kate's approach has filled in the missing facet to my treatment plan - I no longer feel a victim to cancer and feel in control of what is so often likened to an uncontrollable roller-coaster!

“Thanks Dr Kate, Tony"

Tony Songhurst, Derbyshire


I have been working with John to support him through cancer of the tongue.

"I have been very happy with all the nutritional advice & information I have received over a period of several months during & following chemotherapy & radiotherapy for cancer of the tongue. I am pleased to say I am now in remission. The products & foods recommended, especially wheatgrass were mostly unknown to me despite my previous researching the disease & recommended associated nutrition. With Love, John Parr"

John Parr, Yorkshire

April 2010

I have been working with Bridget to support her through early stage breast cancer.

My Healing Journey with Kate – 5th April, 2010

I was diagnosed with early stages Breast cancer at the beginning of October 2009 just as my youngest child was leaving home to start university. At the same time my only daughter telephoned from the USA to tell me she was coming home to the UK as her marriage was over. The roller coaster of emotions I felt were almost indescribable but deep down I knew that somehow I needed to gather my strength and stamina ready for what lay ahead both with coming to terms with the huge shock of the cancer and supporting my daughter through what was an incredibly shocking and traumatic time for her particularly as she was so many thousands of miles away. I’d also felt bereft at my son going away to university and knew there was bound to be a lot of adjustment for him too.

My breast care team in Lancaster were fantastic and I had total faith in my surgeon who carried out my first surgery at the beginning of November followed by further surgery approximately 4 weeks later. Following recovery I had an appointment to see the Oncologist early in January to discuss radiotherapy which I was very nervous about and if I’m honest was reluctant to have. Miraculously and by pure fluke two weeks before I was due to begin treatment in mid February, an email dropped into my ‘inbox’ with an attachment to the website of Dr Kate James, an Integrative Medical Practitioner living in the north-east of England some 150 miles from where I live. I began to read her website and her own story and was so touched and excited I couldn’t wait for my husband to come home from work to read it too. Within 10-15 minutes of looking at it he was convinced as I was that I needed to move heaven and earth to try and see her before my radiotherapy treatment began.

I emailed Kate and in no time at all she responded with the warmest reply. I felt as though an enormous weight had lifted and that someone was there in whom I knew I could trust and would do whatever she could to support me through my treatment which I was so terrified of. I’d always cared for myself and my body, eaten a healthy diet and was so frightened of being on this conveyor belt surrounded by a wonderful team of medics who were doing their job, but just wanted to be ‘heard’ and my precious body supported through this next part of the journey. I so desperately wanted to give myself and my body the best possible chance of coming through this with as few side effects as possible.

To cut a very long story short, I travelled to the north-east to see Kate and spent two very special days with this amazing woman. I couldn’t have wished for a kinder, more nurturing, selfless, intelligent and passionate person to spend that time with. It must be rare indeed to find someone in whom you can put your trust at such a time but know that what she is doing for you is with the sole intention that at the end of your time together she wishes nothing more than to give you everything you need to support you on your healing journey. So much tension was released with her teaching of the incredibly powerful EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which can be practised anywhere at any time and is so ‘freeing’. She also put together a diet plan and had gathered together all the food stuffs, supplements, vitamins etc I would need during and following my radiotherapy treatment. We talked about and practised together deep breathing techniques to aid relaxation and the importance of ‘green juice’ to aid with cleansing the body.

To conclude I came home and within a few days began both my treatment and and my amazing diet plan. Once I settled into both and within no more than a couple of days I can’t tell you how amazing I felt. There were occasional bouts of tiredness but at every opportunity I went for gentle walks in the fresh air, rested when I knew my body needed it, slept well and stayed positive and focused. I’m now 4 weeks post-radiotherapy and saw my surgeon and his registrar a couple of weeks ago and they couldn’t believe how well I looked and that I’d coped so incredibly well with my treatment.

I’m not ill but want to give this amazing body of mine chance to heal and recover on so many levels but know that without the support, nurturing,encouragement and intelligence of the wonderful and very special Dr ‘Kate’ I wouldn’t be in the strong and very positive state that I am today. I want to shout from the rooftops and tell everyone about her. Anyone, who at any stage of their life is diagnosed with such a serious disease or any other for that matter, deserves so much to have total access to what this amazing woman has to offer. She is so very special and unique and I for one want to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Her rare gift needs to be shared with those less fortunate than I.

With love and thanks, Bridget Hallstead

Bridget Hallstead, Lancashire

Advanced Breast Cancer 2011

I have been working with this lady to support her through secondary breast cancer.

"For some time now, I have been looking for someone to help me with Cancer. I found Dr. Kate James and realised that she was able to offer both the medical and the holistic way of tackling what is possible. A personalised programme is arranged for each individual, emotionally and nutritionally, with supplements suggested. I learned how to breathe correctly for the first time in my life! Also she showed me EFT where various parts of the body are tapped and this helps with mental clarity, emotions and pain. This will be very useful for me in the future. I returned home feeling extremely positive and with a huge sense of calm."

Diana, Wales


I have been supporting Marion after she came to me with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

"Dear Kate, A big thank you for the two wonderful days I spent with you last week. I was especially impressed by your intuitive approach and the knowledge that you had gleaned about me through surrogate EFT before even meeting me!

When I arrived I was still very much deliberating and worrying about the orthodox treatment, but through our sessions of EFT I was given approaches from within which I can use while leading up to the treatment, going through it and afterwards. I also did not realise I had so many emotional issues which, through EFT I was able to feel again and release from my system. I was amazed how, just through a few seconds of tapping, these emotions welled up and through your expertise I was enabled to carry on tapping and release them. The wonderful thing about EFT is that I can continue to use it on my own for any issues or emotions that arise and for my well being and continued health. I especially enjoyed the abdominal breathing accompanied by the visualisation of my body being bathed in oxygen and health giving chlorophyll (from the juices in my diet) to assist in my healing.

By the time I left you after my second day, I was full of confidence for the future, relaxed, happy and feeling full of well being. This has continued since I came home. I look forward to our telephone appointment next week, and would like to thank you once again for all your support and for enabling me to be guided through all the issues about which I was concerned."

Marion Scullion, Yorkshire

February 2010

I worked with Cynthia after she came to me after a diagnosis of advanced metastatic ovarian cancer.

"I have found practising EFT with Kate of tremendous value; the technique, and especially doing this with Kate either in person or over the phone, has given me focus and a way of thinking positively which I found difficult before. It is a method which has provided calm at moments of panic. In a sense, EFT has been a really important piece of the jigsaw. EFT has also meant that members of the family can sit and do this with me, giving them a sense of purpose and reinforcing EFT’s value for me."

Cynthia Todd, Cumbria

Crohn's Disease 2010

"I have Crohn’s Disease: I was diagnosed with it aged 16 and in the subsequent 27 years I have struggled with it, having 3 operations to remove parts of my intestine, and many periods in hospital.

In the winter of 2009 I decided to see if my condition could be helped by getting EFT as I had heard about it helping others with serious health conditions. I have been receiving EFT every fortnight or so since then and in that time have seen enormous improvements in my health. I have had no need to use any drugs for months. Although I was feeling so much better I had the feeling that I was not really reaching “good” health – what was good for me would probably still not be very good for “normal” healthy people.

I came to see Dr Kate James at the beginning of March and was amazed and impressed at her ability to home in on the issues and areas that were still causing me problems and holding me back. She managed to unearth deep emotional issues about my family life that I hadn’t realised were causing me a lot of stress – and had done all my life. I have always found stress very detrimental to my immune system and hence my health condition. We spent some time doing EFT on these and discussing them over a couple of days and I left feeling like a new woman. Although my problems were not instantly resolved, the way I felt about them was different and this seemed to make me feel very much calmer and happier on a day to day level.

Along with this, Kate offered my some advice on diet and nutritional supplements, which I have followed. A month after seeing Dr James, I can honestly say that my energy levels are the highest they have been for years – from lying around on my bed a lot of the time I have changed to being able to do much more with my 3 children and am even re-decorating the sitting room! Along with this I feel happier and more empowered – altogether a great result!

Sarah Naylor, Scotland

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 2010

"Ever since being first diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome years ago, I have battled with some of the unwanted effects that often occur - unwanted hair, skin problems, irregular periods and mood swings brought about by hormonal imbalance. Once our family was complete, my hormones felt as if they were in an eternal spiral without any release. Despite there being several conventional options to try, I didn't want to just disguise the effects, I wanted to balance my body long term , not just cover over the effects until I wasn't allowed to take any more medication.

I was directed to Kate by my reflexologist and found her echoing my sentiments exactly. She set me on a gently guided diet that was easy and logical to follow and added some specialised nutritional components to run alongside the EFT. Although it's only been a short time since this commenced, I can already feel the benefits of what I can only describe as feeling more at peace with myself - mentally and physically. This is a great start and I hope that I can continue to avoid any conventional treatments which act only on the symptom and less so the whole person.

Jo, Berwickshire

Kate May 2012 , Using Natural Dietary Therapy and EFT to support pregnancy

" I feel very well supported, both physically, with food recommendations and supplements, as well as emotionally. Your experience of having 4 babies makes me feel very reassured and trusting. I love the way you combine Western ideas and medicine with "Eastern philosophy. It sits very comfortably with me. You have a lovely warm, happy, calm persona and this again feels very reassuring. "

Kate Simpson, London

Type Two Diabetes 2010

"I would highly recommend the combined approach to treating diabetes with specialist nutrition and energy therapies such as EFT as advised by Dr Kate James.

I was diagnosed with a high blood sugar level indicating early Type 2 diabetes about 2 ½ years ago though I didn’t have any symptoms. I decided to control it with diet and was apparently doing ok with that until work stresses lead me into a period of poor nutrition, eating convenience foods at odd hours and the diabetes nurse advised that she would like to put me on Metformin. That was about 2 months ago and my Hba1c was 8.8. I resisted the medication and was given 3 more months to try to bring it down with diet.

This time I took it seriously and had 3 weeks strictly keeping to the diet recommended by the nurse; cut out all chocolate, crisps, cheese and alcohol, cut right down on carbs and increased my green veg content added oily fish 3 times per week etc. I already didn’t eat meat or drink tea or coffee. The average of my readings from my own Aviva monitor over the last of those 3 weeks was 8.89 so I deduced more radical measures were required.

I found the “Raw for 30 days” website and started myself on a strict raw food diet including huge quantities of leafy green vegetables. It was effectively a massive detox, during the second week of which the acidic taste in my mouth was vile and the loss of hot food was beginning to get me down. However, my blood sugar was moving in the right direction with an average of 7.92.

Then I had my first consultation with Dr. Kate James who recognised the beginnings of emotional effects from the all-raw diet and advised me that I would need to take better care of my spleen for long-term sustainability. She put me on a nutritional plan with a structured routine, which had been lacking in my diet for many years. I started taking various algae supplements, fish oil, ground up golden linseed and coconut milk as well as the leafy green veg in the form of delicious green smoothies. I was delighted to be able to re-introduce some hot food including fish and the lovely soup recipe Kate gave me.

One week after starting the supplements my average blood sugar reading was 7.23. After four months my Hba1c ( average blood sugar) had dropped to 6.5. I arranged for my blood sugar to be monitored and do not need to start any medication as previously suggested.

I have been suggesting EFT to others for several years now and used it on myself for a variety of other issues but had never got to grips with using it on my own diabetes. As part of my treatment I had a Meta Medicine diagnosis and began having regular EFT and Matrix re-imprinting sessions with a local practitioner near my home.

I firmly believe that the combination of improved nutrition, attention to the principles of Chinese medicine and EFT tapping have been instrumental in bringing down my blood sugar levels and increasing my general health.

As a bonus in addition to the blood sugar issues, I feel much better in myself, my mind feels clearer and oddly my ability to balance on one leg has improved! All this despite an increase in work stress over the same period."

Carole Tracey, Warwickshire

Lis, improving general health November 2011

When I attended Part 1 on the 1st and 2nd October I had been particularly low with shingles which was comcomitant with severe back pain from torn ligaments (attributed to the gym). This necessitated large amounts of analgesia to ease both conditions for several weeks (medicine which I am not used to). Y

ou suggested, when I asked you for nutritional support, that I try Blue-Green Algae, Superfood and Royal Jelly in a certain format. This I have been doing for two months now, and I can honestly say that I have significantly improved in every way . . . more energy, increased appetite, increased mental acuity, etc., etc., etc.

Thank you Kate!

With love,

Lis , Northumberland

December 2011

I have been a patient of Dr James' for only a month. Despite this, I feel a real warmth and genuine friendliness when talking to her and I can sense a passionate, creative desire to help those, such as me, who seek her help to improve their health and, thereby, their lives.

The supplements she prescribed plus the dietary advice and recipes she has provided have literally changed the way I feel —
I enjoy enormously increased energy, vitality, clearer thinking and a plain old desire to experience life to the full. Her devotion, skill, knowledge and her zeal to help and, hopefully, to eradicate that which expresses itself as 'dis-ease' are quite wonderful to be a part of. Being a recipient of her care and healing is quite awe-inspiring and moving.

Chris Gordon, South coast

Supporting patients with EFT....

"Of all the therapies that we offer, Emotional Freedom Techniques is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful and immediate tools for change. In a matter of minutes, extreme physical pain or emotional trauma can be reduced to manageable levels, and even disappear entirely. It is a technique that takes a short time to learn and can be applied to every seemingly insurmountable area of pain with extraordinary results. Most importantly, it is one of the few therapies that enable people to continue with their healing at home, day by day."

Sara Davenport, Founder of Breast Cancer Haven. Kindly taken from the foreword of Even Though I Have Cancer by Emma Roberts.

December 2009

I worked with Mary to support her through breast cancer. She is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and EFT Master.

"My name is Mary Llewellyn I have been a full time psychotherapist for over 30 years now. In December 2009 I first went to Dr Kate James because I wanted help after receiving surgery for breast cancer. I have learnt many techniques throughout my career and they were useful for me although I knew I needed additional emotional support. When I read about Kate's experience I knew she was the practitioner I needed support from at this challenging time of my life.

Kate is a very intuitive person and I found that the work that she did with me regarding my fears surrounding chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment made a tremendous difference. She enabled me to achieve a better state of mind and body using a techniques called EFT which could be called acupuncture without using needles. Ten years ago I personally received training from the developer of this technique in the US and have used it since then with great results with my clients. However, I know that we are often too close to our own problems and with Kate I found I was in a safe pair of hand together with this very powerful tool which was a winning combination. When used skillfully it neutralises a stuck negative perspective and promotes a more positive state of being."

Mair Llewellyn , Yorkshire

February 2010

"I worked by telephone with Dr James on a major personal issue in mid February 2010. Even though we had not yet met at that time, she somehow accurately intuited that I was holding a debilitating sense of loss and sadness in my life. We spent about three hours working together, during which she used her own personal blend of EFT to help me to release negativity around the issue (the loss of my mother as a baby). After working with Kate, for the first time in my life I was able to see my loss as an illusion, and that the positive energy and love of my mother was still with me, had always been with me. This is not an intellectual understanding, it is a deep heartfelt knowing, accompanied by a profound sense of peace which has been with me ever since. The positive energy and love of my mother is still very much with me (January 2011), almost one year after that original work with Kate.
I do not say this lightly. I have spent much of my working life in industry (latterly as a senior executive), and this sense of loss had always been there, even at times influencing my judgement whenever I felt in any way insecure. I believe it is Kate’s love and compassion combined with her great skill as a practitioner that has facilitated the change in me, and as a physician she has helped me to sustain it with continuing nutritional and lifestyle advice and follow-up support. Her work is holistic in nature and truly in a class all of its own. I believe that Kate is in a unique position to participate in the introduction of this important new healing modality into mainstream medicine. "

John Bullough, PhD, MBACP Psychotherapist and writer

Hospital Teaching Consultant 2010

"I’m usually fairly good at reflection and at noticing the mood around me. But recently, when I found myself in a difficult personal situation, none of these listening and thinking skills was of any use. What I needed was a practical way of staying calm and just getting through whatever the day had in store for me.

Of course I know in my head that different parts of the brain do different things. But the practical reality of getting myself away from a ‘fight and flight’ reaction to a more sensible response needed a practical ‘doing’ sort of answer. That’s where I found the EFT so useful, as something to do that helped me, rather than wringing my hands and sweating a lot! It’s so easy just to spend a few minutes getting calm again, and it’s really helped me to take control again and know I can tackle what is being thrown at me."

Newcastle Upon- Tyne


"Working with Kate was amazing. She was gentle and intuitive and really listened to what was going on for me. Her use of EFT was amazing. She guided me through some very difficult emotions and I achieved a great deal of understanding of what was going on for me and released the emotions. I felt stronger, more positive and back in control of my life. I’ve been able to move forward confidently, making clear choices that work for me. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Jaqui Crooks Psychologist and EFT Master, Leicestershire

The White Tara foundation was founded in 2013.

White Tara is a Bodhisattva . Her mantra is " Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha ". This translates hail swift protectress . May all beings be happy , may all beings be free. Calling on White Tara is said to support , guide and protect us on our path , particularly when we face what feel like insurmountable challenges. She represents unconditional love and compassion itself . She is said to guard longevity and is seen as a Universal Mother whatever our faith or individual beliefs may be , rather like the goddess Kuan Yin.

The mission statement of the foundation is to offer support to patients who would otherwise not be able to access the Integrative Medical Care and treatment they need. Donations allow the foundation committee to give bursaries to patients from all over the UK to help cover all aspects of their integrative care including consultations , supplements , acupuncture , psychotherapy and energy therapies.

Enquiries about applications for funding or donations can be made via email or via my secretary on 01670 783 861.

Here is a link if you would like to listen to her mantra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukr6ohaShM0


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