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“ If we eat wrongly, No doctor can cure us If we eat rightly No doctor is needed."
Victor G, Rocine Circa 1930

"I recently attended the ‘Foods for Life’ course run by Dr James. The course consisted of both formal, presentation-based teaching and interactive, practical teaching on aspects such as juicing and food preparation.

The formal teaching contained the most up-to-date and evidence based information regarding the use of various cutting-edge therapeutic and preventative interventions. These included Immunomodulation using medicinal mushrooms, chinese tonic herbs and edible algae, alkalization, and the use of therapies such as EFT and Psychotherapy.

As a conventionally-trained medical doctor with an interest in Integrated Medicine, I found the course immensely valuable and relevant to my practice as a medical doctor as it provided the framework for a holistic approach to healing, all thoroughly researched and underpinned by a firm scientific evidence-base. It has inspired me to learn more about holistic medicine and provided me with the tools to conduct the relevant research to further my knowledge and understanding. In the future, I hope to integrate these insights into my practice, to provide the best possible integrated care for my patients."

Dr. Suzanne Harrington MBBS, London

"I attended the Foods for Life & thought it was the most amazing course.

As a Health care professional working with patients diagnosed with cancer, I found it beneficial both for myself & for the patients.

The whole experience was enlightening. Kate teaches in a very informal manner, encouraging participation & making the learning process interesting and enjoyable.

It has certainly changed my view of different foods, from choosing & preparing to eating. It has also given me the confidence & knowledge to advise patients wishing to change their diet, although I would strongly recommend that they themselves attend one of the courses.

The food that Kate made throughout the four days was delicious & I have tried a few of the recipes out on friends & family, who had equal enjoyment. It made you realise that preparing good food does not have to be a lengthy process but can also be very tasty.

Without a doubt I would have no hesitation in recommending any of the courses."

Amanda Pinkerton, Breast Care Nurse Specialist, Newcastle Upon Tyne

"Dr Kate is a joy to be taught by. Her knowledge, experience, inspiration and generosity is a compelling combination that leaves you brimming with motivation and a hunger for more. The content arms you, not only on a personal level, but as a conduit to inform others from a factual, researched and qualified platform."

Anni Hood, Founder and Managing Director of KIS Lifestyle group.

Please see below for Course Descriptions and Course Testimonials

Courses can be paid for in monthly installments to suit individual circumstances and needs. I am also happy to offer discounted places if 2 or more people book for a course together.

I am most happy to speak with those of you interested in finding out more about my workshops on 07891 830 137.

You may also like to read some of my course feedback which I have pasted in below so you can get a real feel for the workshops I offer.

"Thank you so much for the most inspiring, affirming and enlightening four days. You gave us your food,your knowledge and your wisdom which nourished not just our bodies but our minds and our souls too. Thank you for your love and generosity to all of us."

Sylvia Leiserach, London, Mother and Healer

"I've attended both the Practitioner in Foods for Life Course and the Cookery Course with Kate. I've spent many years as a complementary therapy practitioner as well as being a nurse within palliative, cancer and hospice care. As a therapist and nurse I've been on lots of courses and researched many, many approaches to health and healing. For me, Kate's teachings have not only opened up a new way of approaching food and eating they've also restored my faith in the belief that an integrative approach can and does work. First and foremost is the principle of 'do no harm' – patients can and will only benefit from Kate's integrative approach. Kate's teachings are based on a solid evidence base and thoroughly researched. Perhaps the most important thing for me though is how Kate's intuitive approach empowers patients, supporting, teaching, nurturing and nourishing them as they journey through what are very difficult times. The TCM theory that lies at the heart of Kate's teachings has such power to allow us to trust our own inner wisdom and have a greater appreciation for the 'delicious' balance inherent in all things. Attending the courses was an absolute delight. Kate's passion for her work and sharing it is palpable. The courses are both practical/experiential and theoretical, and despite TCM theory being based on centuries of knowledge, Kate manages to share this in a way that is easy to understand and has inspired me to continue to learn more. I have a long way to go on this learning curve with Kate but since being on the courses I've shared what I've learned with family, friends and many of my clients and have been astonished (though not surprised!) and delighted at how even the smallest of changes to a person's diet can have far reaching and beneficial effects. Thank you Kate for all that you've shared with me."

Adele Logan, Glasgow , Integrative Medical Practitioner with a back ground in Palliative Care Nursing .

"I feel I have a deeper understanding and relationship to all that I'm doing to find balance in my body and spirit again. I am so glad for that."

Mairead Kerr, Tyne and Wear, Mother, Steiner School educator and home educator.

Some course feedback from those who attended the September 2012 Healing Thresholds Course:

Thank you for some truly inspirational learning and healing.Long may you continue to import your words of wisdom, learning and healing and make a truly amazing and positive change to the lives of others.

With Love and Warmth


Thanks for a gentle, yet very informative introduction to Chinese tonic herbs. The initial background on the Chinese elements followed by the opportunity to see and taste each of the herbs made it easy for me to apply the learning now that I am home. Each time I make a Chinese Tea Tonic I think of the emperor, his ministers and his servants, a wonderful metaphor that you so beautifully relayed as a tool for combining the herbs. What surprised me was the ease with which these herbs can be added to almost anything, again, this was demonstrated well by the lunch, many teas and yummy snacks that were served. The opportunity to have an individual session and create a personalised tea tonic was most welcome and I look forward to making this tea.

Finally, tea making has become more than just grabbing a drink, it is now a very creative and healing process much like the food that I am now drawn to.. Thank you ,

Warmest wishes

Using Foods Medicinally and Updating Integrative Medical Practice:

2 day course June 9th and 10th 2014 cost £225

This course will be part practical and part seminar based.

We will be cooking and creating in our kitchen and touching base on some of the newer developments/ up and coming approaches in Integrative Medicine. (Each aspect will reinforce the other - afternoons in the kitchen and mornings in the study learning and updating our Integrative Medical knowledge base. )

I anticipate this would be an fun and informative course for those of you who have been before and also a good place to start for those of you who want a more practically based first course!

I plan we will make about 6 -8 dishes during the 2 days...These will have raw, Chinese and Indian influences and be enriched with high life- force tonic foods like spices, herbs, edible algae, cacao and so forth.

The dishes we create I will keep a surprise for now!

If you are keen to know what we will be discussing Integrative Medicine wise I plan the following:
More about Medicinal Mushrooms. How to choose which ?
Blending Traditional Chinese Medical Herbs - organ mixes and formulas
A focus on detoxification- what approach and supplements really help.
A focus on modified citrus pectin, seaweeds, black cumin oil, cordycepin and possibly a few more interesting and promising compounds.
Chinese 5 element astrology - more about animals and working with your chart.

Practitioner Training Using Foods Medicinally:

4 day course June 9th -12th 2014 cost £450
( £250 if you have previously attended and would just like to come again !)

This is a four day course to help you learn how to use food and food based supplements medicinally. This is very similar to the course I teach doctors to be .

I prescribe lots of high life- force tonic foods .These include Medicinal Mushrooms , Chinese herbs and Chlorophyll based supplements . ( If you would like to learn a little more about this group and Integrative Medicine generally please see the Camexpo presentation which has been added as a link to the bottom of the website page headed Treatment on this site. )

The key areas we will cover are detailed below. It's a great course to add to your current knowledge base whatever your starting point .

The first 2 days will be shared with attendees of the first course. After the first 2 days we will focus on the following , ( see bullet points below. )

There is reading to do before attending which will all be provided by me in a series of course pdfs. There will be lots of yummy food too !

An introduction to The Traditional Chinese Five Element System , Yin and Yang and Chinese Food energetics. ( An understanding of this helps us use foods much more specifically to support individuals )

Alkalising the body and more . A focus on chlorophyll rich foods like edible algae and wheatgrass and juicing and how to make choices on which to prescribe to suit an individual.

The concept of immunomodulation: the role of Medicinal Mushrooms and Chinese herbs. ( Immunomodulants optimise immunological function. They make our immune systems work better. A key part of this action is through having a generalised anti inflammatory effect. Immunomodulating supplements tend to have lots of other properties which we will discuss too. )

An integrative approach to supporting the Blood ( anaemia ) , Liver health, Kidney health and digestive health. Which foods and herbs to choose.

Giving advice re proteins , fats, carbohydrates. Looking for a balance to support health.

An introduction to Chinese elemental astrology : a tool for assessing constitution . What is traditional pulse and tongue diagnosis and how it can help. ( An understanding of these aspects mean each of you can go away with a much clearer insight as to how to be able to help yourselves and others in times to come. )

Please contact me if you are interested in this course

Venue: My courses are held mainly in Northumberland at my practice/ family home. This gives me the opportunity to cook for you all and let you enjoy Foods For Life for yourselves. We will try home grown wheatgrass and home made juices and much more so you have the confidence to really feel how Foods For Life works in practice. On occasions I also teach at other venues in different parts of the UK.

For details of how to travel to my practice please see the contact me page of this website. If you need further help with directions please do get in touch via email. We have lots of local B and B's to choose from starting from £35 per person per night and for those who choose lovely seaside locations. On booking I am happy to send a comprehensive list of local recommended accommodation.

Practitioner in Foods For Life Course: Dr.Kate James MBBS

“The key benefit for me of Kate’s teaching was the feelings I came away with; a felt sense of exquisite balance inherent in traditional Chinese medicine, a much greater awareness of the ‘energy’ of the food I’m putting into my mouth (the course involved experiencing the foods first hand), and perhaps most of all, a feeling for Kate’s passion for the subject, her willingness to trust and follow her intuition, and her professionalism in tempering her work with careful, evidence based empiricism.”
Dr. John Bullough who attended Practitioners in Foods For Life

I have put together an intensive three day Practitioner Course in Foods for Life for people with an interest in how to use food therapeutically with a specific focus on supporting the health and well being of cancer patients. We also discuss supporting health and well being in those with other health conditions, optimising health and maximising prevention. No previous food or nutrition training is necessary. The overall aim is to give you the confidence to use this approach for yourselves, your family, friends and loved ones and for those of you who choose your patients and clients. For some of you this will allow you to diversify your current NHS/ private practice.

This course is dedicated to supporting you and those you work with make informed, evidence based choices about food and nutrition an area so often poorly taught and misunderstood. The qualification will enable you to refer to yourself as Practitioner in Foods for Life and aims to teach you how to follow Hippocrates , one of the founders of Medicine who's oath we took as doctors words " Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."

I see each and everyday the difference this approach can make and at the very depths of my heart and soul is a desire to bring this knowledge together so we can embrace the potential of Foods for Life in the context of complementary and integrative care.

" This is a very original course, not only is it run by an enlightened medical doctor , it is scientifically based but is taught in a very relaxed and supportive manner. Besides cooking and eating the most delicious foods in Kate's wonderful kitchen, it was extremely informative, in particular emphasising the spiritual and emotional element of healing but also that balance is paramount. Thank you so much Kate, for spreading the enlightenment. "

Love Kate
Kate Chaytor Noris , Nutritionist, York

"Your courses have opened a new way of eating and life for me. They have presented the Chinese Five Elements in a simple understandable way creating a basis for further study. I recognize that centuries of knowledge cannot possibly condensed into a few days although you have made a sterling effort. You have started me on a path that has already had an effect on how I listen to what my body is requesting. In addition I have a basic understanding of what you do that is so useful when explaining to those who need your expertise why they should contact you."
Sally Smith, EFT Practitioner and reflexologist , Nottinghamshire

"I found the course very interesting and in some parts quite demanding. Understanding the relevance of Chinese Medicine, our disposition and our internal organs, in relationship to our food and nourishment was fascinating"
Nutritionist of 25 years who attended my Practitioner in Foods for Life Course

“I have always known just how powerful food is. It is as addictive as any drug. It is as pleasurable to all the senses as any summers day with all the colours , textures and smells. I also know that for the body to function, be in balance and to regenerate good nutrient is vital. I attended this course and had my eyes opened. The work was presented in a holistic way which enabled me to look at food from other perspectives and to understand some of the science behind what is happening to the body when it is in distress or dis- ease. It very much challenges the assumption that we all know what is good for us in terms of 'Healthy Eating' by examining the 'chinese ways of health' so enabling a greater understanding of just what the individual requires for prevention as well as supporting the body to recover.

It was an enlightening , enjoyable and worth while course in many ways. I have applied the knowledge gained and feel confident to be able to work with clients.

Kate presents the work in a very accessible way and enables people to learn through questions and support materials . “

Home economics teacher and EFT/ Reiki Practitioner

Foods For Life Cookery Courses: Dr. Kate James MBBS

"Thank you all for making it such a brilliant 48 hours."
Dr. Susie Foster who attended my Cookery Course

I'm so excited about this course which literally came to me in the middle of the night ! In essence the one/two days is about understanding and practically cooking delicious, nutritious part cooked/ part raw alkalising food ......in the context / with an understanding of the Chinese Five Element System nourishing Spleen, Blood, Kidneys, and Liver.

There will be a special focus on how to adapt these dishes for your children/ partners and families so you don't have to cook several meals in order for you to eat in the way that you might choose. This is the food I live on and love!....and is obviously excellent for weight and body balancing on all levels of our being! I teach this course in small groups so there will be a particular focus on supporting health and well being on an individual basis.

This course is really aimed at helping support you as you continue your journeys/ transition over time to a longer term way of eating and living differently. I so often wish I had longer than two day one to ones or short practitioner courses with people I teach so here's an excellent opportunity to see you again. If you are new to my courses this could also be a very good place to start.

" I had a lovely day, it was great to meet a group of people who had all been deeply affected by the work that you do. You were very approachable and talked about Western & Eastern methods in a balanced way.
I enjoyed tasting the different juices, & I have tried a couple of your recipes which turned out lovely, and I genuinely feel healthier when I live life the way you showed us! ...Thank you ."
Diane Johnston , fourth year Medical Student Student , University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Medical School

" Kate, I enjoyed the weekend very much indeed and particularly liked the more relaxed style of teaching with you doing the cooking while we watched took notes and asked questions. The seating layout made it easy to see what you were doing as well and the recipes were lovely and will, I know become favourites for many of us.

It was a privilege to meet such an amazing group of people who gathered in your kitchen last weekend. I was so pleased you asked them to share their stories with us all and I know that the lady who is undergoing her third session of chemo at the moment, will have been encouraged by their often harrowing descriptions of what human beings can survive. I hope I meet some of them again in the future.

I enjoyed it all, Kate and thank you for the recipes you sent. "

With much love
Majorie Haughton, EFT Therapist and Healer, Leeds

"We so much enjoyed our day cooking in your cosy, welcoming kitchen and meeting such a wonderful group of people. The memory of sitting in the kitchen with our bowls of delicious curries and salads will stay as a good reminder as to how good - food can be and how simply - the fantastic flavours, colours and textures can be arrived at.

We were indeed fortunate to be able to share in your obvious love for cooking and do feel inspired to try out some of your lovely recipes. What could be more simple than making your own oatcakes? I made them the very next day - sprinkled with fresh ground rosemary and pumpkin seeds - warm from the oven with Hummus and goat's cheese - AHHHH!

The millet is already cooked waiting to be made into the flat bread tomorrow - YUMMM! and the curries are planned for the weekend. What an inspiration you are Kate! Keep having the cook- ins - they're great! Some very useful cookery hints from the others as well - thank you all. "
Michael and Felicity who attended my Cookery Course

"Well, I thought it was an excellent day. It was a pleasant, friendly atmosphere among like-minded people. I've got a better insight now into healthy cooking and loved all the fare - especially the kale and avocado soup, the curry and ... the oatcakes!"
Geoff who attended my Cookery Course

"Both days have left me with so many ideas for using foods within my life that I would not have thought of before coming on the course, knowing that they help balance the way we eat and how our body uses them. Am buzzing to put my ideas along with yours and see where it takes me....thank you x"
Ruth who attended my Cookery Course

Supporting and Preventing illness with an Integrative Medical Approach.
Clinical case study weekend: Dr.Kate James

In particular this workshop may interest therapists/ health professionals or those who have already attended The Practitioner in Foods For Life Course who want to build their knowledge and skills. The aim of this workshop is to give you a greater variety of tools, ideas and approaches within the context of complementary and Integrative care to help you work more diversely and effectively, especially with more challenging cases you may encounter.

This workshop focuses on a number of common illnesses/conditions and explores how working with our own/ patient/ client’s individual constitution we can support the body using a combination of approaches. Whatever condition we are supporting when we bring together using food medicinally , the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine we can assist people so much more easily and effectively.

Teaching centres around embracing each patients body, mind and spirit using a natural and holistic practice to empower and support them to support themselves.

“One disease many patterns, one pattern many diseases”
Inner Classic

This workshop will build on the basic concepts that are covered in The Practitioner in Foods for Life Workshop however prior completion of this workshop is not essential. We will work with a number of real clinical case studies as starting points for open discussion. There will also be time for questions relating to specific patients/ conditions you may have encountered and would like some input with.

  • Building skills with Foods For Life i.e. consultation skills, promoting clear communication etc
  • Supporting health and well being in Cancer Patients
  • Optimising hormonal balance through food choices and emotional supportive techniques ( Conditions discussed include PMS/ PMT, Menopause and women's cycles of life. We also discuss male hormonal health)
  • Can Integrative Medicine with a focus on food choices support those at increased risk of gynaecological cancer ( breast, ovarian and cervical)
  • Supporting depression, anxiety and mood disorders with food choices and emotionally supportive techniques.
  • Supporting cardiovascular health with food choices and emotionally supportive techniques.
  • Weight balancing and disordered eating .... a constitutional approach embracing body, mind and spirit.
  • Supporting fertility with food choices and emotionally supportive techniques.

On request we can also discuss aging, ME, Diabetes and addictions and how food choices and emotionally supportive techniques can offer support.

Holistic Care for Cancer and Serious Illness:
Dr. Kate James and Linda Wood

This workshop is for you if you want to explore how complementary and Integrative Care can offer support in the context of cancer care.

Natural Weight Balancing : Dr. Kate James and Linda Wood

An Integrative Approach centred around Traditional Chinese Medicine , chlorophyll rich foods and EFT

If weight and emotional eating patterns feel like they are stopping you or your loved ones moving forward/ taking over your life and you just feel confused, not knowing what to do for the best to balance your weight this workshop is for you. Or it may be that you yourself work with patients and clients in the field of weight loss or eating disorders.

I feel so often our best efforts fail simply because we do not look laterally enough and work with a true integration of different techniques and approaches i.e. we can’t truly balance the body emotionally without the sound use of therapeutic nutritional principles. Another common difficulty is finding as we peel back the emotional layers we are unable to properly support and understand our bodies on a deeper level and move through previously destructive patterns and cycles in the longer term.

This workshop aims to address these common pitfalls offering a multitude of practical and highly effective tools, ideas and approaches which can work together synergistically . It has evolved from a blend of Linda’s highly successful International EFT For Weight Loss Workshops and my own passion for Integrative Care. It really does bring the best of everything together!

“ Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks.”
Lin Yutang

More Course Testimonials

"The course offers a great opportunity for anyone interested in the well being of their own body and that of their clients. It really helps you to understand the importance of food as an holistic tool in maintaining health and supporting clients through illness. The approach of using natural food and natural food supplements appeals to me and it is something I can easily pass onto my clients.

Being able to offer food advice to support people through all levels of illness and disease is a real bonus for any holistic therapist in the healing profession. I strongly feel that for optimum physical and emotional health, the body mind and spirit of a person all need to be taken into account. If my client was an ‘overgrown garden’, I would set about clearing the binding weeds and oppressive overgrown shrubs, to expose the forgotten space and light, which they need to allow the beautiful flowers and plants to grow. The garden tools used may be EFT(emotional freedom technique), Hypnosis, Reiki, all depending on the type of overgrowth needed to be removed (you wouldn’t use secateurs to snip away a stubborn tree trunk, but you wouldn’t use an axe to prune a delicate shrub).

As the space clears, nurturing and balancing of existing plants and support to choose new ones can be helped with Reflexology, massage and more Reiki, EFT, Hypnotic meditation. But how can the plants stay strong? light and air are not enough, nutrients need to be absorbed by the roots. If you had a garden full of plants that thrived in acid loving soil, then putting alkaline minerals in to the soil would seriously harm the lovely plants!

Knowing what type of plant you are and knowing what natural foods that plant needs to thrive and grow is what I have learnt on the Practitioners in food for life course. I have built up a good tool selection in my shed! But getting support, help and advice from fellow colleagues and especially those who specialise in specific areas is a great bonus when attending such a wonderful course as The Practitioner in Food for Life course. The course itself is delivered in an holistic way, integrating important western science and academic content with the wonderful wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine. I love the idea of using natural food to promote optimum health and it is a safe tool to use with clients who are receiving necessary conventional medicine.

Dr Kate James’s passion and personal experience of supporting patients with Cancer and other illness really makes this course one that is ‘taught from the heart’! and I would recommend it to anyone in the health care and healing profession who care about people and also for anyone on their own journey of personal growth and healing."
Dental Nurse and Reflexologist who attended my Practitioner in Foods for Life Course

"The course was just what I was looking for. I don't like the word 'diet' as it means a beginning and an end to many people.

To start with I wanted to do the course for myself. I think it is important to live what you want to share/tell others. I am only 5' tall and I put on weight easily, have a few health problems, nothing much this is the reason I wanted to find something that would suit me. I want to feel good in my old age. Kate explains everything very clearly and you have the chance to sample all this delicious food. I am not a vegetarian. I like a little bit of meat and I can have that too.

I have already spread the word and many people are interested to know what the course was like. Well it was just 'excellent'. My idea is to offer a way of life to people incorporating coaching, reiki, NLP.... By offering them a way to re-assess their 'diet/food intake' it makes it complete. Dr Kate James is the perfect person to offer this course. Just speak to her and you'll see what I mean."
Librarian who attended my Practitioner in Foods For Life and Cookery Course

"I managed to get home in 2 1/2 hours and decided to crack on with tea. In the last 45 minutes I have made a green soup, raw flapjack and have jacket potatoes and steamed carrots and broccoli on the go. Managed to dig out a homemade chilli from the freezer to go with it. Do you think there's the slightest chance that the 'superwoman' high from all Kate's inspirational ideas and green foods might last???
I really hope so, I haven't had this much energy in ages!
I've just had a wonderful thought....... Maybe it was the carob 'dairy milk' !!!

Thank you all for making it such a brilliant 48 hours."
Dr. Susie Foster who attended my Cookery Course

"Well, people think I'm a good cook, but I don't think I am, I have no special skills - in fact, my onion chopping skills are non existent! but I am brave with ingredients and happy to experiment - and from my place of making things up and being intuitive....this course was BRILL! it gives you confidence to just go with the flow, it is so interesting to watch Kate cooking from her heart, and making magical food! Nothing was complex or prescriptive, but good food was made, eaten and enjoyed....and fun, laughter and healing happened in the kitchen and over the washing up. I would heartily recommend this course for good cooks, non cooks, poor cooks and people who like eating. I think that covers pretty much everyone! "
Heather who attended my Practitioner in Foods for Life and Cookery Course

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