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Dr Kate James says:

"This work is so close to my heart.  I witnessed first hand the amazing transformations during both my mother and my daughter's journeys through cancer and beyond. "

"You have such a big heart and make such a difference to the lives of others. That makes you a very special lady"

Written by a family member of a patient on my integrative programme.

"In the three weeks that I have been visiting you and following your advice I feel that my mental state and my physical strength has improved ten fold.

The most dramatic change has been in my mental state. I truly believe that I have no ailment whatsoever and am totally healthy.

When my friends call around to see me and call me on the phone they comment on how much better I seem in a short space of time since they last saw me.

My next MRI scan is on friday and I am looking forward to the results."

By Martin Dodgson. He had a Grade 4 Glioma removed 2 months before he wrote this He was yet to start chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

He continues to go from strength to strength.

"Thankyou soooo much. Words fail to express the joy and freedom I feel since being in your beautiful energy.

I so much appreciate all the advice you have given me and the emails you have sent that continue to consolidate my learning.

They will be my constant companions for the weeks, months and the rest of my life"

She wrote this after breast cancer surgery and before beginning radiotherapy. She continues to do brilliantly.  Read More

"My daughter who was given a 'middling chance' of cure is a beautiful,, vibrant seven year old. We call her amazing Grace. I watched her grow stronger and stronger as we embraced an Integrative Medical path."

"Life wasn't on hold anymore. We were able to live and enjoy each day again enjoying a deep sense of trust in our hearts that Grace and my mother would get well"

Dr Kate says: "EFT Tapping is central to my work. It is such a simple transformative and easy to learn tool for anyone facing cancer for themselves or their family. I learned EFT from Gwyneth Moss EFT Master"


Dr Kate James MBBS

Integrative Medical Practice


Now you find yourself here with me, please take a few moments to read on. It might be the start of a journey for us together...

Because, when it comes to cancer, there really could be another way.

I'm sure you have so many demands on your time and energy and there's so much I want to say to you... Perhaps most importantly whatever the circumstances you and your family are facing, there could be another way.

If you are ill with cancer, perhaps you find yourself feeling hopeless, powerless and full of despair. Maybe you have been desperately searching the Internet, looking for a way forward that intuitively feels right to you but instead finding yourself confused and demoralised, unsure of what to believe or who to trust. Somehow the more you think, the more you search, the more panicky you become.

You could stop looking now... you've found someone who could help. Someone who can understand you and what you may be facing. That's because I've been there myself and on more than one occasion. Both my mother and my daughter have survived cancer. I learned all I could, and did all I could, to help them because I knew there had to be a way of supporting their conventional treatment to give them the best possible chance of getting better. Please take a few moments and read on and see if this approach might feel right for you.

I qualified as a medical doctor in 2002 and through professional and personal experience my horizons have broadened and I have evolved my own Integrative Medical Practice

My work with patients centres around simple and natural ways of supporting their conventional medical treatment, with a focus on what they can do to support themselves better.

“Prayer indeed is good but when calling on the gods a man himself should lend a hand”

I wonder what has brought you to visit my website?

Maybe you or someone close to you has just received a diagnosis of cancer. Maybe you are already receiving treatment. Or perhaps you've just been told that your cancer has returned. Maybe you have been told that your conventional prognosis is poor, or perhaps you've been told there is nothing more that can be done .

What if there were other options...

I began pioneering this approach with my mother and daughters illnesses almost 12 years ago. Since 2009 I have been adding my integrative programme to the conventional NHS or Private treatment of adults and also children with cancer in order to support them during their treatment.

If you would like to hear first hand about how integrative programmes can support patients you might like to share some of my patient's kindly shared experiences detailed in the kind words section of my site.

My programmes are carefully formulated to compliment and support mainstream cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They are safe, without uncomfortable side effects. Simply put they work to gently and effectively maximise well being and aim to strengthen, protect and nurture the body as a whole.

“First do no harm."

There are many Clinics around the world that use holistic based approaches centring around specialised dietary therapy and natural methods . They report cases of successfully facilitating their cancer patients into remission and beyond. My programme allows you to bring the best of both worlds together, that is natural support alongside NHS or Private cancer treatment . This combination is the same approach that supported my family when we most needed it. If it is their wish I also support patients who choose purely natural support for their condition.

I love this work. It's truly where my heart is and I feel privileged every time I am able to share another person's journey as they choose integrated cancer care.

Reading this is the beginning of an opportunity for you to experience for yourself... Simply put it could be life changing.

My Own Family's Story.

My own learning about cancer treatment has not been purely academic. I was devastated when both my mother and my thirteen month old daughter were diagnosed with cancer. My mother with breast cancer and my daughter with leukaemia. Despite my medical training I found myself plunged into shock and overwhelming confusion.

Exactly six years ago next month my own family's world was turned upside down when we learned that Grace had leukaemia. We were told Grace had about a 50% chance of cure. I remember thinking on that day as I looked at her in her cot seemingly so unaware of how our world seemed to be caving in how can I make sure she's not in the 50% that don't get better? I was both her mother and a doctor. I had to find a formula which i felt could optimise and facilitate her chances of recovery.

Both my mother and daughter received excellent NHS care and me, well simply I read and researched absolutely everything possible that I felt could potentially support their conventional treatment.

I searched with a steadfast determination. There was no better motivation than that which I experienced.

I realised how, contrary to what some people think, the conventional and elements of what's often termed complimentary medicine can be blended with a beautifully effective synergy. Further, I realised how complimentary medicine in some of its forms offered particular therapeutic benefits.

“Let food be thy medicine , thy medicine shall be thy food.”

I watched many heart warming changes, which supported a period of tremendous growth for us all through cancer and beyond. When I reflect back life wasn't so much on hold anymore. I began to feel a deep sense of trust in our hearts that Grace and my mother would get well.

Despite the poor prognosis my mother was given, her cancer having already spread to her lymphatic system, before she was diagnosed, seven years on she tells me she now feels more healthy than even before she became ill. She is now enjoying a very busy retirement with five grandchildren to enjoy.

My daughter who was given a 'middling chance' of cure is a beautiful and vibrant nearly 13 year old. She tells me she also wants to be a doctor now. We call her Amazing Grace. She has been an truly inspirational teacher.

We are fortunate that both Grace and my mother responded very well to their conventional chemotherapy treatment and were also able to receive benefit from a supportive complimentary programme.

"If you want to accomplish something , you first have to imagine it."
Richard Bartlett, DC, ND


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Dr. James supports individuals naturally, some of whom have cancer and some of whom have other medical conditions. Dr. James does not treat cancer, rather she works to support and benefit each individual whatever their medical condition.


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